Feedback from Vancouver Reunion Guests and
Offshore Friends

From Kenny Tosh

It was really great to be in Vancouver with all the team, quite a few memorable moments... that's all I'm gonna say, you'll have to ask Tony Prince about that!! But a big thanks to Steve Young for putting the thing together from an idea that Mick Luvzit had. Great to see all the gang again, plus the fact that Webby nearly fell through the floor when he saw me there! In case people don't know, Mary and Steve kept my name off all guest lists to surprise Graham. I really did that! Plus all the new ship mates that I've made, all of whom had heard of me through either Ben, or Mick, plus Jon's Hall of Fame, and Mary and Chris's site. Namely, Bryan Vaughn, John Kerr, Mel Howard, Lorne King, and Steve Young, of course. These guys I'd hadn't met before Vancouver.

A really great reunion, one for the books! But my special thanks has to go to Ben Healy, for his hospitality and to Mick Luvzit for letting me stay at his home in Abbotsford, and last but not least, to Adam, for his guided tours of Vancouver. Also, I have to say thanks to Mary for keeping all of us DJ's with positive vibes!!!

See you all in Oz ! Kenny

From Mick Luvzit

Thanks for the lovely e-mail Mary and so glad you had a great time here in Vancouver as well as over on the Island with Steve Trish and Gordy.

Give my best to Chris and take it easy recuperating.


From Tony Prince (a message he asked me to pass on to everyone)

Dear Mick,

I need a T-shirt printed 'I survived the 2004 pirate radio reunion'! And only just at that! I thought I did remarkably well.

I had a fabulous time and I know we all did. The main players who I want to thank were obviously yourself, Adam and Steve. I know how much you all put into this and it was greatly appreciated by me. Please pass on my special thanks to Adam who was a Trojan.

Graham and Gordy have changed little and what endeared me to them in 1966 still does today. They are both kind people, just like you (thinking about it, just like the majority on Caroline North!). What became apparent was that whilst life has sapped away our youth, it has failed to steal our piratical vitality and our addiction to music and humour.

I also enjoyed spending four days locked inside a music quiz sphere with Bryan, John, Ben, Lorne, Mel, Gord, Steve, Graham, Kenny and you. Memories are indeed made of hits as each tune transported us back to the North Sea. We didn't need the video to do that but the footage we watched was an added bonus and a quite prolific method of time travel. We all agree that we were the lucky, chosen few, a select band of vinyl warriors fighting the cause and winning the day for our generation.

I do look forward to the visuals, you must send them to Bob Stewart or alert him to where they are lodged on the Internet.

These are my thoughts as I await the healing process of a fabulous trip to take effect.

I'm off to LA for the DMC USA DJ CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS and am getting together with my old pal Rosko. I'll take some pics.

Kindest regards to everyone,

Tony Prince
During a TV interview, Ben explains that the Comet was perhaps not the largest of the radio ships
The gang lines up for another TV crew

From Bryan Vaughan

Hi Mary,
Great to hear from you and thanks for passing on Tony's email.

I think I have now just about recovered from the wonderful reunion! I really had a fantastic time and it was great to meet some of those legendary names I didn't know personally beforehand and to catch up with people like Mel & Ben whom I haven't seen for 37 years. I most enjoyed meeting you for the first time. It was great to put faces to names after only having email correspondence in the past. Great to see the photos and story on your web site and I look forward to seeing more pics in future times.

I'm sure you have been busy since you got back from Vancouver. Like you, I had a great time and will look back on the reunion with great fondness.



From Mel Howard
Thanks a boat-load for your recent e-note.... but really we should say that it was OUR pleasure and privilege to have YOU there.... you were a key player in making it the success it was. I'll keep an eye on your most interesting web site and see what's happening next!!

Warmest wishes to you and yours, Stay Afloat!!


From Ben Healy

Mary: You are a wonderful lady and every one of the Radio Scotland guys, the Caroline DJs and Lorne King would agree. You should be very proud of the way you handled all those Pirate males (with a lot of grace and polish) You did England proud!

I was hoping to stay in Vancouver a little longer to spent more time with you, but as I had been in Ireland for the 3 weeks previous, I had so much catching up to do at work and had to return to Edmonton sooner than I really wanted too. It was a wonderful reunion and the whole crew were just tremendous.

One of my highlights was being in the car in Stanley Park with you, Lorne King, Kenny Tosh and Steve Young and having a great time with the positive things in life rather than the negative things. It was great fun.

It's too bad that Lorne could not spent more time with you and show you all the stuff he brought with him to Vancouver.

Talking to most of the people at the reunion they thought it was wonderful that you and Kenny were there. I will without a doubt look you up when next in England.

Thanks for passing on our regards to Keith Skues, He seems like a very nice man and of course one I nearly worked with him on UKGM.

It's too bad I could not have met Chris but hopefully in the near future.

Love to you both,


Mary and Ben at the TV interview
(photo courtesy of Kenny Tosh)

A new set of Wet totem poles joins the famous collection in Stanley Park

From Chardon Labrie (the lady who edited the first TV news item about the reunion for Citytv)

Hello there Mary,

Just thought I would drop you a line. I was the editor who put together the item on your pirates' reunion here in Vancouver BC Canada. My name is Chardon Labrie and I work at Citytv.

First off, I would like to say that I have always had a soft spot for all pirates. As the song goes, 'ladies love outlaws'. So it was a treat for me to edit the item. After 27 years of editing the news, I do not get excited about too many stories anymore, but Radio Caroline was a breath of fresh air for me.

Unfortunately, we did not put any clips from you in the item. Something went haywire with the mike and all the stuff was unusable. Lord knows I tried. I wanted to get a woman in the story and you deserved to acknowledged in even this small way, for your service with the site.

Larry Macdonald also provided the BBC doc which I have watched now two or three times. It IS ironic that the mother Corp should end up producing such a great doc on, of all things, Radio Caroline! But I guess it is very difficult to talk about radio history in England without mentioning the huge role that Ronan and company made.

The story of the pirate ship is something that I am very proud belongs to my generation. It was terrific to learn about the Canadian contributions made to free radio. It is simply a life- affirming story and I am very glad I learned all about it.

We had heard of the pirate ships in England. There was one here off the coast of Vancouver at one point. Fortunately, we did not have to deal with a monopolistic operation like the BBC, so our air waves were fairly open. But there was a point when censorship was starting to creep in and that is when our pirate ship appeared for a short time.

Anyway Mary, keep up the excellent work. You are the glue, I believe, in this historic operation. Sometimes the glue does not get the recognition it deserves. I know this because I am an editor. Very seldom do we get any kudos. That goes to the reporter... those glory boys and girls.

Peace and free radio!

Chardon Labrie

From David Williams

Hi Mary

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your report and seeing the piccies on the great American reunion. I was so happy to see so many of my ex-shipmates are still alive and very much kicking. It must have been a memorable occasion and I wish I could have been there. Good luck to everyone -and here's to the next one!!

David Williams

From Colin Nichol

Hello Mary

Thank so much for your report. As usual. I wish I were there. Can't be everywhere at once, or even at one at a time, as seems to have been happening with these reunions. Loved the photographs, especially of those of my old mates.

Kind regards,


From Hans Knot (who was unable to attend because he suffers a fear of flying)

Thanks Mary for your long report on your visit to Vancouver. Steve Young did send me also a report and a pity my fear for flying is there. Otherwise I would have been there too.

Mary and Kenny sample the life of the Yachting set. (photo courtesy of Kenny Tosh)
After Ben gets a parking ticket in Stanley Park, Lorne and Kenny do their best to summon-up some good vibes

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