Some of George's photos were taken during a trip aboard the Mi Amigo for a lady from the USA – with a shot of the Galaxy in the background too! Colin Nichol has not only identified the mystery lady in George Hare's photos, but has kindly sent some of his own, which were taken on the same trip. Colin writes:

"The unidentified young woman on the bridge of Radio Caroline from George Hare's photographs, is, I am sure, Alice LaBrie Hille. Judging by the grouping in the photo, the date would have been 1965.

I did visit her when I went to New York in early '72 and she and her then husband Hal Jackson, both well-known media people, drove me around - particularly to Harlem - and were well-known in New York City. At the time, they lived in Lenox Avenue, NY and had three children, of whom I recorded two names, Preston and Gerald.

Alice worked for Goodson-Todman the TV production company that made the US programme 'To Tell the Truth', on which Ronan made an appearance. He had invited her to visit the ships. She was also assistant producer on 'Soul' a pioneering show for African-Americans, hosted by Ellis Haizlipp."

Hal Jackson's autobiography, The House That Jack Built: The Autobiography of a Successful American... reveals that Alice had been widowed in the early Sixties and had a son Gerald. It appears that her middle name LaBrie was her maiden name. Alice and her late husband had been friends with Hal Jackson and she became Hal's third wife in 1969. Together, they inaugurated Miss Black America, a beauty pageant that also showcased the musical talents of then unknown artists of the likes of (Little) Stevie Wonder and The Jackson Five. The success of the beauty pageants led them to produce a talent show for girls aged 13 to 16, which became known as Hal Jackson's Talented Teens International.

'To Tell the Truth' was a game show in a similar vein to 'What's My Line'. We can only guess that Ronan must have appeared as 'a man who operates two pirate radio ships off the British coastline' and the panellists had to guess his occupation!

The photographs on this page are the work of Barratts Photo-Press Ltd of Fleet Street. (Click on the small photos to view bigger versions)

Two additional photos courtesy of Colin Nichol, of Alice with himself (poloneck and white trousers), Keith Skues (white shirt), Paul Noble (stripes), Brian Vaughan (checks) and Jon Sydney (hairy knees!). Colin has not explained what he was doing under the library table!

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