The following pages are devoted to special memories of Radio Caroline in the Sixties.

If you have a particular memory of something that happened while listening to Radio Caroline, or have unearthed some rare memorabilia, please click on the button, right, and let us know!
Page One: articles and photos from the 'Daily Sketch' dated January 10th and 11th, 1967
Page Two: (includes) 'Take a Trip to a Swinging Ship' and a 'bad-looking bunch' of Caroline DJs!
Page Three: a lovely collection of nostalgic photos
Page Four: Rescanned Shoreline poster. Chesterfield Gardens revamped a naked lady at Wimbledon Palais!
Page Five: (includes) memories of the North ship and a giggling Gordy Cruse!
Page Six: (includes) banners from 199 and 259, the Fredericia 'rocks and rolls' and a picture of a handsome young pirate lad!
Page Seven: has photos of a special item of Caroline North memorabilia
Page Eight: Hans Knot shares a special story about two valuable items from the Mi Amigo
Page Nine: Tony Blackburn explains why he's joining Big L. Colin Nichol writes about Ken Evans, Penny Bowskill writes about her late husband, Jason Wolfe and the Mi Amigo sinks. Alan Crawford writes to Ronan about a transmitter.
Page Ten: (April 13) Hip Ship Blues: Jimmy Smith's famous appearance aboard the Mi Amigo
Admiral Robbie Dale shares the contents of his personal photo album

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