Commemorating August 14th 2004
It's hardly a day for celebration, but we never forget to raise our glasses in a toast to Radio London
at 3.00pm on August 14th, and if friends can join us, all the better!

Looking Fab in their new tees:
Chris and Mary, Pauline Miller and Fab Alan Field

August 14th Message from the Roman Emperor

HAIL! Girl!

Just a note to say thanks for all your dedication to LIL. 37 years is a long time to stay faithful, most marriages never last that long. Also please pass on my thanks and best wishes to all the fans all over the world.

Lil will never be duplicated simply because the people who run UK radio stations have never actually worked as successful broadcasters. Ask Dave Cash, he tried to help a station, turned it around, made it great, and then got the elbow. Same with Skuesie!

Those suits who run stations only want to keep their job, and are not interested in doing it, or learning how! They regard any help as a threat to their job.

So it ain't ever gonna change. Not unless I win the big lottery and then we can all do what we did in '97. Make great Radio!

Keep the faith!

Special Guests:
Don Lydon, Penny Bowskill and George Hare.

George was Caroline North's on-shore agent – as well as getting food and all the things a station needs, out to the Fredericia, he made sure the guys got their pay!

George brought along his friends Penny Bowskill, whose late husband broadcast on Caroline North as Jason Wolfe, and Don Lydon, who was the Direct Advertising Sales Executive for Caroline in Ireland in the Sixties.


John Baynton, Peter Herring, Alan Hardy and Fab Alan
Webmasters' convention: Mary with Jonathan from the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
George shares a mass of Caroline memorabilia
George and Don's wife, Maeve hear from Guy Hamilton, who popped in for a surprise visit after a trip to the Ross Revenge
Three pictures courtesy of Guy Hamilton: (Left) Jon tries to figure out how to download photos from his new phone. (Centre) Can that be another VIP guest, incognito? Yes! It's Mark West!
John Sales with Steve Burnham
Mark West avoids being mobbed, by hiding behind his shades
Radio London's MD poses with some of our VIP guests
"Now, in the Fab Forty for Aug 14th, 1966..." Fab Alan fascinates Jon, John and Maeve's sister
Looking enigmatic – or is it shifty? John, Peter and Dave (CK) Miller

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