London, August 4th 2007

The Admiral Robbie Dale has kindly shared two pages of his personal photos of this special day
(Click on individual pictures to see larger versions)

Back row: Mel Howard, Cathy Spence, Twiggy Day
Front row: Rosko, JW, Robbie, Bud Ballou, Cardboard Shoes. Cathy (Radio Scotland) is the only non-Caroline presenter in the photo.

Great cassaboo – who are YOU? (How DO you spell 'cassaboo'?) The Admiral and the Emperor!
Carolyn (left)and her twin sister Julia, who both worked in 6 Chesterfield Gardens.
Softly, aka John Adrian,with Robbie and his wife Stella. Softly is an 'honorary pirate' who used to hang out with the Wets in trendy places in the Sixties.

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