– The Radio London montage of reunion photos –

About that archway... (As it's part of a mock-coliseum, it probably has a fancy Greek name, but 'archway' will suffice).
Below left, is the garden of 32 Curzon Street, photographed in 1966. The lady in the picture is Bill Vick's mother-in law, Mrs Mead. If you look very closely, you will spot something stuck to the archway above the statue's head...

...An enlargement reveals that it's a Britain Radio/Radio England car sticker, and Grey Pierson confesses to being the youthful culprit! He says that a newspaper took a photo of the offending sticker and used it to illustrate to its readers what an evil bunch of vandals were running the offshore stations and how they were corrupting the country's youth by defacing mock Greek temples with car stickers! We therefore felt it was appropriate to use that Greek archway as a header for a montage of photos of Grey's 40th anniversary reunion.

Grey had arranged with the present occupants of #32 Curzon Street for a party of reunion guests to pay a nostaligic visit.

John Ross-Barnard (aka John Boss Farmyard), Svenn Martinsen, Rick Randell.
The statue remains incognito, but we'd like to think that her name is Olga Patricia.

Roger Day felt the garden would benefit from an
additional decorative statue of a Greek God.

Chris Payne records pearls of wisdom from the Boss Jocks.

Photos © Chris and Mary Payne and Radio London, 2006, unless otherwise specified
1966 Curzon Street photo kindly supplied by Ron Vick