– The Radio London montage of reunion photos –

Left, the elegant room overlooking the garden. Grey believes the chandeliers are a recent addition. Centre, the room at the front that looks out onto Curzon Street. Right, Number 17 as seen from number 32!
Jack Curtiss recalls: "You know I actually lived at #32 for a brief time (a week or two till I found a flat in Bayswater) after becoming the land-based general manager of the station. I stayed in one of the spare bedrooms while Mr and Mrs. Vick occupied the upper floors. Wonderfully ample bathtubs, as I recall."

Rick makes a grand entrance

Interviews with Roger and Phil in the hallway

At the front door... ...and back in Curzon Street to return to the reunion

Photos © Chris and Mary Payne and Radio London, 2006, unless otherwise specified
1966 Curzon Street photo kindly supplied by Ron Vick