– The Radio London montage of reunion photos –
Back at the Reunion

Grey and Paula, sorting through some of the memorabilia. Bill Vick's sons Edd (left) and Ron

MC Twiggy calls the Boss Jocks up to the mike to tell their stories, each fanfared by their personal
'That Man' jingle courtesy of Steve England.

Nex t up is Rick Randell. Part of the audience: Mark Sloane, Christine and John Hatt and Tony Munson

Steve England holds the phone to a mike so everyone can hear Jack Curtiss calling from Oz; Chris Payne sticks a mike in a speaker to record it.

Jack says: "I was suitably attired for the occasion (and hour) in a Pierre Cardin bathrobe, flannel pajamas and floppy Aussie bush hat. The beer is South Australian-brewed Cooper's Pale Ale, the local favorite in Adelaide.

"Phil Martin, this is your life!" while Larry watches beside the giant SRE poster.

Photos © Chris and Mary Payne and Radio London, 2006, unless otherwise specified