Summer '67
Offshore News
clippings from the Francis Pullen collection

Disc and Music Echo, August 12th, has several features about the impending closures, including this large R.I.P. tribute by Bob Farmer, and columns relating to the stations' impending close-down and the Caroline DJs' exile (below).


Also in Disc and Music Echo, Jonathan King (left) reminds readers how many musicians have good reason to be grateful to the offshore stations.

Below, DAME claims that Sinatra will be sending a farewell to Big L. Whether or not he actually recorded a message, is unknown, but it did not feature amongst the numerous tributes aired on the final day's broadcasting. Nor were anticipated epitaphs from Fab Three, George, Paul and John and several of the other big names cited by DAME.
It's quite possible that many more messages were recorded, but were never broadcast because they failed to arrive at Curzon Street in time to be sent to the Galaxy for August 14th.


Daily Sketch, August 12th
Shaun Usher contemplates the new careers of the Big L DJs.
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