40th Anniversary Celebration
26th February 2005
Messages of Thanks

Dear Chris and Mary,
Mercy.. how time does fly!! It's hard to believe it has been a month today since we all met at the T.S. Queen Mary. You two were so kind to have arranged the entire event. Like I've said before, all the blood, sweat and tears would only be an occasional memory in the cobwebs of my mind if it were not for you two.

These reunions you organize have been particularly good for me, as I had very little opportunity to meet any of the operational people when Big L was a living organism. When Don and I started the venture we agreed he would take care of all things that would 'tear', and I, all things that would 'bend'. I am now finally able to get in on some of that good 'tear' duty.

Love and best wishes, with so many thanks, Tom

I arrived back in the Land of Oz in one piece, albeit a little jet-lagged. Thank you so much for organising a wonderful night, I really enjoyed it. It is a shame that more could not be there, but I suppose work commitments, etc, have to take precedence.

I had a great time, however, and it was great to see you both again, and of course all the others.

Best wishes, Norm St John

I apologise for the delay in writing to thank you for organising the 40th gathering. It does take me the best part of a day to get over an all day bash like that.

I did enjoy meeting the 'crew'. It's a shame there weren't more of them.

Regards, Duncan

Thank you both for organising the get together on the TS Queen Mary. However, I have to say I was disappointed at the turnout from former members of Radio London.

Having said that it was great to see Norman St John after a gap of nearly 40 years and to have a long chat with Tom Danaher. To think how far both travelled for the occasion. I hope they weren't too disappointed with the low turnout. Super to see Mich as well with his current Mrs Woman.

Angela and I had a great time. Foolishly I left my camera at home, so I am relying on you to see some 'happy snaps' of the day in due course.

Once again many thanks for organising the event. We mustn't forget your backup team as well – Pauline, Dave etc. It was great to see you all again.

With kindest regards, Cardboard Shoes xxx

(Pauline is pictured with Cardboard, Norm and Tom in the photo above; Dave is with Norm in the one below. Thanks to them for the use of the photos.)

I had a great day. It was so nice to see so many nice people.

When there, I promised Tom Danher that I would send him everything I had about the research I did about the Galaxy and the model I made – he now has them. Mitch asked me to find him a copy of the Chris Elliot book on Radio London, I have done so and will be calling him tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses and I hope you have washed your knee after I kissed it. You had better wash it twice as I kissed it two times.

John Platt

(John is our latest Knees Club recruit. There will shortly be a photo-feature of the club's recent members undergoing the initiation cermonknee!)

I really enjoyed Saturday; it was a great party. My results with the new digital camera were a bit hit-and-miss. (I discovered I had it switched to the video option for the first hour. I have a nice clip of my feet walking along the embankment!)

Thanks again for organising another great reunion.

love, Jon

(We think Jon did pretty well with his new camera. You can see the results by clicking on the parrot, lower down)

I just wanted to send you a few belated lines to say how much I enjoyed the reunion on Saturday, and to thank you and Chris (and anyone else involved) for all your hard work organising it. Well Done!

Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend in London.

Love, Fab Alan

Pictures at the top and foot of these messages are © Pauline and Dave Miller, 2005
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