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Phillip Birch, MD of Radlon Sales, writes to congratulate Bill and his crew on their seamanship, after the dramatic incident when the Galaxy anchor snapped. At 0130 on January 12th 1966, during a force nine gale, the ship drifted into territorial waters, forcing Radio London to cease broadcasting. Captain Buninga was to discover that the Galaxy's engines had not been used for so long that they no longer functioned. Sadly, the Financial Times got both the Captain's and the ship's names wrong.
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Caroline would have done well to have 'contemplated such a thing', as the south ship MV Mi Amigo famously ran aground at Walton on the Naze on Wednesday 19th January 1966 and personnel had to be evacuated by breeches buoy. Read the feature 'The North Sea Fights Back' on the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame.


Philip Birch writes to tell Bill that Radlon anticipates keeping the crew on post-August 14th

Dennis Maitland writes to thank Mrs Buninga for her family's support during the life of Radio London

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