for Sunday 6th August 1967
the last-ever Radio London Ballad Box and Soul Set

Ballad Box:
Up Up And Away Johnny Mann Singers
Sweet Maria Kenny Damon
Up Up And Away 5th Dimension
When The World Is Ready Vince Hill

Alan Field's Fab notes:
Some strange comings and goings this week: Johnny Mann, Arthur Conley and James & Bobby Purify had all been high in the Fab 40 last week. Although there was 'no room at the inn' for them in the final chart, at least there was some space in the 'beer garden' – aka the Soul Set and the Ballad Box! In the opposite direction, Dionne Warwick moves from last week's Ballad Box into this week's Fab 40 at #30 with The Windows Of The World.

Soul Set:
You Keep Me Hanging On Vanilla Fudge
I Take What I Want James & Bobby Purify
Shake, Rattle And Roll Arthur Conley

Sadly, it won't be possible to tune in next week for another Field's Fab Forty.

Alan's marathon task has ended. He has finished the final Fab, has been made redundant and has received his P45 (right). (Click on it to view a larger version – it makes entertaining reading!)

We are sure that all the Radio London viewers would like to join Webmasters Chris and Mary in thanking Alan (left) very much indeed for sharing with us the contents of his Fab Forty notebook, covering the charts from May '66 to August '67.

We wish him luck in his new employment!

Webmaster's note:
As it turned out, the Fab Forties did not end here, because other 'notekeepers' subsequently came forward to supply missing charts. Brian Long kindly allowed us to use his listings from 'The London Sound' to bridge any gaps, and the Radio London website ended up with a unique set of charts that virtually span Big L's lifetime. Our main need now is for climber information from 1965.

New information is constantly being unearthed and feedback is regularly received from the recording artists of the time.
Major updates to the Fabs are listed in 'What's Happening'.

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