Jukebox Magazine Clippings
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A Fab Forty from 14th August links to the September 66 cover, as shown above. The photo-featured Walker Brothers' 'You Don't Have to Tell Me' was long gone, having last been in the 31st July Fab Forty, the same week as Chris Montez's 'The More I See You' made its final appearance. On August 14th, however, The LP of the same title was selected as Radio London's 'Album of the Week'.

The Fab Forty in the December 'Jukebox' is from November 13th. By December 1st 'Time Drags By' was absent and Head DJ TW had picked Cliff's new single 'In the Country' as a his climber. 'Painter Man' was nowhere to be seen.

This Fab Forty is from December 11th '66. By the start of the new year, the Easybeats, Paul, and Barry Ryan and the Spencer Davis Group had all departed.

APRIL 1967
The magazine format has changed, with a narrower column for the Fab Forty, no rl logo and references to 'the charts that are always ahead of the others' have been dropped. This one is from March 12th. Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass (none of them from Tijuana, or even Mexico, come to that) were not in the chart that week, but their version of 'If I Were a Rich Man' was a climber.

MAY 1967
Letters and interviews concerning the offshore stations. The short items are news stories that had appeared in other publications.


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