Wijnand's Wonderful Memorabilia
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'Live read' script for Radio London School of Computer Programming – 'an exciting, rewarding career in a young, expanding industry'.

The mainframe computers of 1967 frequently occupied entire office suites and received data via cardboard 'punch cards'

Advertisement problems from 1966. In these memos, Godfrey Morrow is trying to establish from administrator Richard Swainson why advertisements for a product called Czarme have not been broadcast as the client wanted. The commercial was to be played from a cart, but was supposed to have a live read follow-up. As this had failed to happen all week, it appears the script may have gone missing between Curzon Street and the Galaxy. Whatever the problem, Swainson has marked the second memo as 'dealt with'.

When this item first appeared on the site, we asked the question, "does anyone remember what Czarme was?" We received the following answer:

When I was born in 1968, I was named after my mum's favourite perfume – Czarme No. 5. Could this be what the advert was for? If it is, I'd love to hear it, as I've been trying to track the perfume down for years (or at least some info on it). And if anyone is interested, I still have the bottle!

The name is pronounced 'sarmay' as it has an accent over the E (posh, eh?).

Czarme Pooley

Over to you!
Please e-mail if you have a recording of the commercial

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The employment agreement for seamen working aboard the Galaxy. The captain would sign the document on behalf of Radlon Sales Ltd and the seaman would counter-sign it. Quadruplicate copies of the completed document were made. One retained on board the ship, a second kept by Radlon Sales, a third sent to Offshore Tender and Supply Company Ltd and a fourth kept by the seaman himself. (Click on the small pictures of pages one and two of the agreement to see legible verions.)

Page from Crew List and Wages ledger for Marine Investment Co. Inc

All photos and memorabilia courtesy of Wijnand Brak

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