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Weekly political publication Time and Tide was founded in 1920 by Lady Margaret Rhondda (née Margaret Haig Thomas) and under her editorship from 1926 onwards. She died in 1958 and her magazine, which was reputed to have lost her a great deal of money, lasted only another 19 years.

At the time of this advert being aired on Big L, Time and Tide was under the ownership of Brittain Publishing Company. Sadly, offshore radio commercials were not enough to boost flagging circulation. In 1970, publication was reduced to monthly and in 1977, it ceased for good. The population has been reduced to "lacking confidence in a conversation" ever since.

Margaret Haig Thomas, Lady Rhondda

Wimbledon Stadium was a regular Radio London advertiser and as can be seen from this live-read advert script from June 1967, was a venue for greyhound, stock-car and speedway racing. In the 21st century, the stadium continues to host these and similar events – and also car boot sales, unheard of in 1967.

Station log for advertisements to be transmitted between Tuesday 9th and Friday 12th August, 1966, from Traffic Controller Geoff Pearson. The log accompanied various instructions, commercials on carts and live-read scripts. Pre-recorded sponsored, taped programmes were the Top Deck Show, (Top Deck Shandy) Curry's show (electrical dealers. Slogan: "Call in at Curry's") and the religious Herald of Truth.

It's interesting that Geoff used Radio London Club headed paper, although the station log was nothing to do with the club. Presumably, this happened to be the nearest Curzon Street stationary to hand.

All photos and memorabilia courtesy of Wijnand Brak

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