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August 25th

From Ian Damon A Big L 1967 original, who immensely enjoyed presenting shows on Big L 2000
Dear Mary, Chris & Pauline

Thank you for inviting Janice and I to the gathering on Saturday and for dinner in the evening – we both enjoyed it immensely and it was nice seeing so many 'old friends'.

I have found some photographs taken on the 'Galaxy' of Paul Kaye and myself and a snap of Chuck Blair and myself at the dockside, will try and get up to the loft one weekend as I know we have a good photograph of Paul, Chuck and myself at a 'gig' we did one evening – will get them scanned and forward them to you for your records. Have a scanner but not too certain how to use it yet, so will have to practice!!!

It was interesting reading all the information and history regarding Chuck on the web; as was the rest of the news on the Radio London website.

We hope it will not be too long before we hear from you or see you again and it was very nice meeting you all.


Some of those scans have already been received and will be on the site as soon as we can get to it

From John Bell
Hi folks,

I was lucky enough to be in Clacton during the broadcast and as an old "anorak" found the format excellent, much better than current retro stations! (Why?) I found the station by literally walking into it on Clacton pier and the DJ at the time was Paul Graham who invited me to take photos. Nice man but very serious, or maybe I called at a bad time. Keep it up, and do keep me informed of further TX's.

Best Wishes to all, John Bell

Paul is not half as serious as you might think, John, and he has even been known to SMILE occasionally!

From Bill Duke:
After perusing your Website – Chris & Mary Payne RADIO LONDON – I had to let you know that it was well worth the visit. I do heartily compliment you on the wealth and immense detail that you have painstakingly and well written in the entire embodiment of your different views and context of the subject matter.

After receiving from East Anglian Productions (18th August 2000) their Summer 2000 catalogue and pamphlet 'Big L is Back' (WHY so late -18 days lost!). I therefore tuned-in BUT immediately came to one strong opinion. Based upon past broadcasts I feel most strongly that this one did not stand out because Chris Baird, Chris Elliot and Mark Roman were, or are absent.

Yours, Bill Duke

From Paul Marshall, Los Angeles
Hello There,

I am an American who grew up in London during the 60's. I remember listening to Radio London and Caroline religiously during that time, as well as the sadness that came with the banning of the pirate radio stations. I seem to recall they asked people to park their cars along the shore and turn on their hi beams in support.

For all these years I have sung the theme song from Radio London in my head. I believe it was called Big L or Big Lil or something like that. There were tears in my eyes as we all said goodbye that day and I heard that catchy Hammond organ and that nasal electronic vocal play that "wonderful Radio London" tag for the last time. Is there any way to get a copy of that tune? Even though Its been 33 years since I heard it, I can still remember it almost note for note. Tony Blackburn, Kenny Everett, the whole lot of them. The best years of my life.

Thanks for any help you might offer. Paul Marshall, Los Angeles, CA. USA

We have suggested to Paul that he tunes in to the RSL via the Net, to relive his memories of Big Lil and have pointed him in the direction Norman Barrington's site for the purpose of obtaining PAMS jingles and promos.

From Bob Pryor, Ramsgate
Hi All!

I've always tuned into RNI. and had great fun out on the ship last summer and also joined the fan club. But what has happened to the London signal? Here in Ramsgate your signal is very weak and there is so much interference it's a waste of time. I will always support your radio comebacks but you'll have to do better than this.

Sorry lads, Bob Pryor

From John, eight miles outside Norwich
Hi there, a quick reception report from a little village eight miles south of Norwich.....

Signal is audible throughout the day on my Grundig Satellit 650 with its internal ferrite aerial, so signal strength must be quite good, but do I have problems with sideband splatter from the heavily processed Amber on 1152 from Postwick!! I've tried nulling it out with a loop, but it's just impossible....

Please, please, please, if there's another RSL, try 1125 (I know 1134 wasn't brilliant last time thanks to continental QRM at night) - 1143 is just a disaster in this area.

Still I have to say, despite the signal difficulties, it's nice to hear a more adventurous version of Big L this time round, including tunes from the seventies.

Best wishes, and every success to you all, John

From Tom Wilson, Banbury, Oxon
I came across the new RSL late in the day, by accident. I read in the Daily Express about starting your own radio station via the web and they referred to Radio Caroline. Being a lifelong fan of Radio London, I keyed in RL and found your site.

In '97 we travelled to Frinton and enjoyed the visit to the Yeoman Rose and the authentic sound created by Ray and co. I travelled from Banbury yesterday to Clacton with the car radio tuned in to 1143khz. The signal was audible just before Colchester and Ray's prog sounded authentic etc. like 97. I listened to the Coffee Break and finally parked in Clacton.

I came prepared and was able to record some of the output on cassettes. My next port of call was the shop on the pier, I purchased about 40 worth of memorabilia walked back to the car past the studio. I wanted to record as much of Ray's prog as possible. He sounds good on the radio!

On my return to the pier at about 1.15 I decided to say hello to the presenter, so I popped my head through the door of the studio only to be greeted by what seemed to be a less than friendly attitude from the fellow inside. He told me visitors were only allowed in by invitation only, although the posters seem to suggest come and visit us. He mentioned about the security hence the reason for the barriers etc. I can understand the implications because he was on his own but I feel it could have been handled in a more user-friendly manner, there were no signs to say no admittance/by invitation only. My interest was from a technical angle I have my own studio at home and look after the local hospital radio station.

Nevertheless, it was a worthwhile visit and I was able to record some of the output. Yes I could listen to the www but I decided to make the effort and visit.

Regards Tom Wilson

A shame that Tom picked a bad time to visit. Unfortunately, if there is only one person at the studio, security has to be pretty strict.

From Bob Price, Sunderland

Hi Chris,

I've just returned home from Clacton after a great week.

The radio was tuned to 1143 all week, great music, great jocks and great memories.

The only down side was that I got a very bad chest and throat infection the Thursday before my family and I left. For this reason, I decided if possible, to keep my distance from the studio and jocks so as not to pass it on to anyone. This was why I didn't meet you on the 14th.

I did have a quick look, with a friend who also made the trip with his family on the Sunday afternoon and was very impressed.

My friend Paul, who is an engineer, went back later on in the week and had a good look around, talked to Ray Anderson or Paul Graham about PCBs, resisters and ground planes, as they do, and came back even more impressed. He did mention something about another RSL in September. Any news?

My immediate problem is I now have to find a way of getting rid of the family over the Bank Holiday weekend so I can tie up the phone and hear the Top 500 via the Internet!

If you keep these RSLs up RNI/Big L and any more you have up your sleeves, I'll have to book more holidays.

Great work! Bob Price, Sunderland

Very considerate of Bob to keep his germs to himself! We think the proposed September RSL that Bob mentions must be the one from the Mebo III in Harwich, to be run by John Daye. We may have more information about this after our next visit to Clacton.


16th August

From Paul Mustill, Dallas
I'm actually listening via the net in Dallas... home of PAMS! Their old building at 4141 Office Parkway (very close to where I live) is still standing and now houses a church organization.

Thanks for all the great work being done in the U.K., which has somewhat enabled me to relive, via "Big L", what was one of the happiest times of my life! (I'm 45 now. I emigrated from England in 1990). The memories just keep flooding back!

I was actually on holiday in Clacton in August 1967 when Radio London fell silent. I can remember August 14th being a very sad day, with a lot of sobbing teenagers and somewhat bewildered parents! The upside was that radio in Britain was about to change ... the genie was out of the bottle!

Best Regards, Paul Mustill

From Tom van Hoevelaak, Holland
Oh, this is great, Big L is back in the air for a while! I am 53 years old, and in the 60s nearly every day I was listening to Big L on 266. I will always remember Kenny Everett, Dave Cash, the late Tony Windsor, etc., etc. Now, when I am listening by the Internet to Big L from the Clacton Pier, I get homesick for that great time. I love you all!!!!!!

From Hartmut Randel, Germany
I've listened to Big L since 4th of August, but only possible via the Internet 4-6 hours daily. I live in a little city 20 km south of Nuremberg, Germany, and a reception on the two MWs is not possible.
In the years 1966/1967, when I was 15 years old, I had listened to Radio London from the German northsea coast - but now it is better. I like the music, the old jingles, the same DJs from the past - wonderful; and also the acoustic is the same. I feel younger!
How is the future of Big L? It is possible to send sometimes via satellite, as Radio Caroline?
Best regards
Hartmut Randel

From Peter Agate, Burham
Good reception here in Burham, also all the way down the Dartford bridge, then you go pphhhtttt....... Love the jingles and the frequent number of times you use them. Very reminiscent of Big Lil.
How about a Radio Atlantis next time. Now there was a wacky station! (Remember Ray Anderson's alter persona??) Who can name him ??
Cheers guys, Peter Agate

From Anon Y Mouse, London NW5
Hi Mary,
I was having a sneaky listen to Big L while at work yesterday and I really enjoyed both Bud Ballou and what I was able to hear of PY's show. Great DJs and fantastic music. Were you producing them? If so, many congratulations.
All the best from
The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame!

I'm proud to say I CAN take the credit as Bud's producer. I had to plough through a none-too-brilliant recording of the Caroline US Hot 100 from Jan 68 to do it! The show also had a brilliant team of assistants! Chris and I managed to dredge up the discs from the combined record collections of ourselves, PY and Alan Hardy, then Chris spent what seemed like for ever transferring many of them to CD for the broadcast. Alan Hardy also did a magnificent job as PY's producer/newsreader.

Great to hear from some of our Big L 2000 star presenters!

From Victor Hartman, the camp site, Thorpe-le-Soken
Hi Mary,
I'd like to say 'sorry' to all the people who can't hear Radio London in far-flung places of our sceptred isle, but we are covering our service area quite well, especially at night. In 1997 Big L couldn't even be heard in Clacton at night, hence the use of 1143 instead. Where I am slumming it, at Thorpe-le-Soken, I get a lovely signal at night under the stars (and canvas). This is about 5 miles from the TX.

The most important factor here is that there are more people listening to us than in 1997, in my estimation. The people who are coming to the studio are the people of Clacton and those on holiday who are not enthusiasts, but like our music and nostalgia. We have even had young kids who like to hear Elvis and the Beatles! So sure, we aren't doing the radio amateur trip and broadcasting DX, but we are doing a sterling job at what we set out to do.

Full marks, too, to Paul Graham for the format. OK, so we have a smattering of 70s records too. With care these needn't clash with the sixties, but enhance it. The idea of the 70s was to give a feel of what Big L might have sounded like had it continued into the 70s.

We are on the WWW this time too, and have had listeners as far away as Australia. gd DX I think you will agree!

Come and see us on Clacton Pier, wallow in the nostalgia, have fun and get your Big L Fab 500 Poster. What you do with the cardboard tube is entirely up to you!

Victor Hartman

From the man with the news, John Ross-Barnard
A great gig Mary - splendid show and what a weekend!
Best, as ever

From Garner Ted Armstrong's stand-in, Peter Young
What a great day - I really enjoyed it! Thank you for setting the wheels in motion which allowed me to be a part of it. I wouldn't have missed it for anything! I think it worked in a piratey sort of way, i.e. plenty of cock ups and fluffs!

It was great to meet 'Bud', a really nice bloke. Have fun in Brighton. I wish I was coming.
I've just bought the new edition of Mojo magazine with a free 60s CD. I think you're gonna like it a lot! There's a great version of The Who's 'Circles' by Fleur De Lys, 'Take A Heart' by The Sorrows and plenty of other goodies.

Love, Garner Ted PY xxx

Glad to hear the 'Mojo' CD features the first group to join the Knees Club - The Sorrows!


9th August

From Richard Everitt

Reception in Ipswich chantry has Amber 1152 spilling over it.
Reception in Felixstowe not as good as in 1997.
Reception in Leiston very poor, in 1997 it was listenable.

Can you pump up the volume or move the pier??

Seriously, these RSLs need more power to reach a larger audience. I can understand low power in areas of large population but in East Anglia more power would mean more people in Colchester, Ipswich and beyond would listen.

Richard Everitt

From Ge Huijbens in Haarlem

I live in Haarlem on the West of the Netherlands, about 20-km east of the town Amsterdam. Work by an electrical power station here in the western part of the Netherlands and I am an aged of 51 years and DX with radio for 39 years.

The reception here in Haarlem is blocked by the AFN transmitter in Germany 1143 kHz.

But on my work in Velsen on the roof of 180 feet power station I had fair reception of Radio London only splash of 1152 kHz Classic Gold Amber from Norwich.

Ge Huijbens

From Roger Davis, engineer for the RSL

Power's now up to the max we can get out of aerial system, so far it's getting good reports with no problems. It would be interesting to find out how people can now hear it in Ipswich, also the signal to the area we are broadcasting to can receive it 24 hours a day with no problem, which is a bonus to the station in the evenings. I quite agree, it is not the best frequency for DX-ing but for a local station it's not bad. By the way the TX is the same one we have always used but is much more powerful than in 97. Being on the pier we have had to take account of the safety matters which meant that we could not install the aerial array that we would have preferred. Still it's on the air all the jocks are enjoying themselves and so are the listeners that have been in contact with us. I have just updated the Big L website with some pics and posters from some of the jocks from the first week. There's now an on-air telephone number for requests and dedications: 07780 523766. International number: 447780 523766.

Kind Regards
Roger Davis

8th August

Chris and I managed to listen via the Net for an hour on Saturday, only being disconnected twice. Thanks to our good friends Pauline and CK Miller, we now have some recordings of Big L 2000, which they taped in Clacton. I played one while driving through my old haunts in High Wycombe and it was quite spooky listening to Big L in the places where I used walk around with the station blasting out of my trannie back in the Sixties! Nice to hear those new jingles, too, mixing in seamlessly with the old favourites and the Kenny Everett goodies. Thanks also to our Clacton correspondant, Colin Lamb, for supplying schedule updates. Is Clacton pier going to be able to stand the weight of all those people planning to visit on August 14th, we wonder?

From Peter Young, Ealing

I managed to pick up Big L on Ray's wotsit in the end but after a few minutes a sign came up saying," This computer has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." Maybe they're still trying to enforce the 'Marine Offences Bill'?

Don't forget PY's special guest appearance on Big L 2000, August 14th!

From Colin Wilkins, Leeds

Listened all day 9.00am till midnight! Just one word – BRILLIANT!
What can one say? It's just great to hear Big L back on air – should be 365 days a year, not 28. Will be down to see you all next weekend.
Best wishes to all, Colin Wilkins

We're glad we're not paying Colin's phone bill!

From Dave Burke, Broadstairs

What can I say? Brill! Listening here on the East Kent coast (Broadstairs) and reception very good. Love the format and especially those PAMs jingles (of course!).

Dave Burke

PS Will feature Big L RSL news on the first edition of the UK Radio Show on the web from next weekend.

From Steve 'Grocer Jack' Garlick, Feltham – who is using a very poor excuse for missing Big L 2000. He's getting married on Aug 19th!

Dear Mary & Chris,

You asked me some time ago if i minded you mentioning my fast approaching nuptials on the site. Well it's not every day that you let the world know you're getting hitched...again! Also it will remind people that I'm still alive and busy with other things. Obviously I would have been with you all to celebrate the 33rd anniversary of the passing of the sea-based Big L if it hadn't of been for other commitments
I was in Southend on Sunday and heard a little of the RSL going on up the coast. I caught some of Paul Graham on the 3-6 slot. For a moment he sounded just like Dave Windsor!! Don't like the fact that they're playing 70s stuff!! Radio London was a sixties station. Sure, play records that would have been played after August 14th, but only up to December 31st 1969. By playing 70s the station, for me, loses some of its magic and uniqueness. Apart from that the bit, what I heard sounded tight and professional.

Didn't like the sound of the mic Paul was using. Sounds tinny and doesn't cut through the reverb enough. When the ads come in the voice over sounds rich and you can understand what is being said because it's been recorded, I presume, in a professional recording studio. The eq is better!

Love 'The Grocer' xx

Congratulations, love and best wishes to Steve and Debbie, from the Big L family. Does Debbie know what she's taking on, we wonder??

From Paul Kay, Telford

Great to hear Big L on the net!!! Unfortunately cannot hear it hear in Telford on a normal radio as I did with Big L 97 on 2 occasions and on a few occasions with RNI (hearing RNI on a car radio in Telford at 5pm on Tesco's car park earlier this year was freaky!!!)

Where are the new jingles??? Although there are some great new 70's edits!!!!

As far as the 'co channel' interference is concerned, despite Capital Gold here on 1152, it wouldn't be a problem to hear Big L if the signal was stronger on 1143 here as their TX is well tuned and doesn't splatter!!!

I remember leaving Walton on the Bank Holiday Sunday night of Big L 97 and was barely a quarter of a mile from the Yeoman Rose with the ship still in sight and the signal more or less swamped by interference even in Walton on the Naze!!! If the power can be increased, 1143 certainly would be better at night despite AFN!!!!

Mind you, what about 1125 khz for next time??? Here in the Midlands, we only have BBC Radio Wales broadcasting to a few thousand Sheep on that channel and they don't use masses of power and can be heard day and night!!!

Meanwhile I'll keep on listening via the net and dreaming it's 1997 again, and that great last Sunday of Big L 97 - the most amazing hot weather and Sunshine, great music and imagining what it must have been like to be a teenager in 67 listening to Radio London on Walton pier in the Summer of Love!!!! (I was only 3 years old in 67!!!).

Cheers and keep up the good work everyone!!!

Paul Kay

5th August

From Victor Hartman in Derbyshire

Hi Mary and Chris,

Just reading a few of your reception reports. Take comfort from the fact that RSLs are a process of improvements as the broadcast progresses. RNI 2000 started off a bit ropey and improved as time went by. Roger Davis is a great engineer, and I can only see things getting better, as the song goes. I thought I`d picked up Big L up here in Derbyshire, and was disappointed to find out that I was listening to AFN! I was embarrassed too, as I'd messaged Paul Graham to say I'd picked it up!

Victor Hartman

From David Smith, Leigh-on-Sea

The Reception here in Leigh-on-Sea is now VERY GOOD.


From John Preston, Brisbane

Enjoyed listening to Radio London at work here in Brisbane yesterday afternoon, on an ISDN line, so the reception was very good. No breaks in the signal, in fact it sounded just like the local AM stations! A work mate and I enjoyed singing along to the songs, and it was good to hear the jingles on a radio programme rather than all together on a tape. To make it even more like England it was pouring with rain here in Brisbane! Mind you it was 20C and the middle of winter!

Enjoy the broadcasts, and I will continue to listen when I can.

Best Wishes, John Preston

From Pierre Lahaise, Ostend

The reception in Ostend, Belgium is quite good, but some time there is interference from Classic Gold Amber on 1152, the reception of Radio Northsea was stronger than the one of Radio London.

I appreciate your programmes and the jingles of Radio London. Pierre Lahaise

From Geoff Tyrell, Harlow

I can receive Big L here, despite LBC on 1152. So I detune to 1141 and it's quite loud - 9/5, even!

Aug 3rd – Lil struck in the Knees!

During a thunderstorm in the early afternoon, the Big L transmitter was struck by lightning and knocked down, taking the station off the air for several hours. Lil has made a good kneecovery, but some problems are still arising with fishing lines getting tangled in her aerial!

This in (Aug 5th) from Roger Davis, engineer for the RSL:

Well, as you are aware we have had a few problems with the weather. Basically the static in the air has hit the transmitter 6 times so far. Blowing out 6 output modules in the transmitteris obviously giving me lots of work and no sleep for 3 days.

I have now have made lots of modifications to the rig and hope this can stop these problems from happening, but I'm afraid that we can only do so much against massive voltages coming down the aerial, as Capital Radio also found out over the last few days as well with their dead air!

The transmitter is now behaving OK and I can up the power in the next few days if all stays well, but the pier is not the best place for an aerial to be erected as I did on the Yeoman Rose and the London boat. Also it is very near to the roof which also does not help with transmissions as this tends to make the signal directional.

California which is where we (internet) stream from has had many power cuts which has taken the stream off sometimes, at least it's not only us, but it's rather annoying that I have spent so much time setting it all up and at the last minute everything else lets us down.

By the way the Big L stream will still be on after the RSL, broadcasting under US laws, from our stream in the US.

From Paul Graham co-organiser of Big L 2000 – 1900 on 2nd August

Everything's going well. We're very pleased with the way the studio's turned out, and there's a great atmosphere down here. We've had reports from up and down the coast and getting into Kent, north west London and north Suffolk! Some splatter from Talk Radio in NW London and Classic Gold on 1152 in Suffolk, but otherwise good reception. Everyone's in high spirits! The transmitter problems we had on the first day have been sorted out.

[The Radio Authority don't allow any test transmission time, therefore it's very difficult to put a temporary aerial up for an RSL and expect it to work perfectly first time! As RSL aerials tend to have to put in less than ideal locations, (on ships, lightships, piers...) some time is needed to sort out how an aerial behaves in its new environment. This is echoed by Victor Hartman's message below Chris]

From Tony Currie in Glasgow

Up here in Glasgow, listened to the Boppa's show on the Internet for a while, and it sounded okay. Some net congestion caused it to stutter a little. But my phone bill is already astronomical so I can only afford to dip in and out now and again. Haven't heard any of the new jingles yet.

Mary and Chris fully concur with Tony's comments about listening via the Net!

From Peter Rackham in Ipswich

Hi Ray
I like what I have been able to hear so far, but here in Ipswich reception is very poor.
I hope to get down to see you in the next few days.

From Daryl Hearnden in Ipswich

Just like to echo the sentiment expressed by the lady in Stowmarket. Basically the AM signal here in Ipswich is extremely disappointing, nowhere near as clear as RNI 99 or Big L 97. I bought a large supply of tapes, but I haven't been able to use any yet! On my journey to work in Colchester, I find dramatic improvement as I progress down the A12.

Internet output quality is brilliant, but I find it keeps cutting out and it is hardly practical for long periods of listening.

Anyway, the station, from what I can hear, does sound very fresh and vibrant and even more professional than I had expected, although I do find it rather odd to have heard "Reasons to be cheerful" by Ian Dury from the late 70's twice already!

I will persevere with my tuning attempts and hope to get down to Clacton soon to visit (and hopefully make some decent recordings!)

From John Sales in Benfleet, Essex

Listened last night (Monday 1st) when I arrived home at about 7.00pm. Signal much improved on previously, but the adjacent channel interference from Talk Radio on 1152kHz continues to he a problem at my home location. This was never a problem on 1134!! Was able to listen until about 9.00pm, by which time the continentals were so strong that Radio London was just lost underneath them. Listened again this morning from about 6.30am. The signal was relatively clear but the adjacent channel interference continues to be a problem which I fear is going to be with me while I'm listening in Benfleet.

From Pauline Miller in Stowmarket, Suffolk

Sad to say reception of the broadcast is of definite non-recordable quality in Stowmarket. I'm hoping desperately it will get better. It's not as good as the last RNI and nowhere near as good as the original Big L '97. There's a lot of static and it's right next door to a very powerful station that overlaps on to the frequency. If I turn the radio round 180 degrees I get a completely different station. I don't think the frame aerial will help in these circumstances. The very old radio in the kitchen picks it up slightly better than the one with tape recording facilities which is more modern. Said radio sits on the landing near to the radiator which creates a slightly stronger signal. Frustrating really, I get the impression it's a fairly strong signal, it's the interference that's making it incomprehensible. I can hear the music but can hardly work out what anyone is saying. I haven't tried it on the Internet as I'm afraid if I can get it that way I'll have to move offshore before the phone bill arrives.

From Howie Castle in San Diego, California

I've been listening to the Big L broadcast on the Internet. The quality is quite good with few interruptions. The "station" sounds good with a great selection of music... oldies, of course. I haven't heard any of the "new" jingles yet, but plenty of the old ones. I'll keep listening over the next week so I can get a feel of what's going on. Too bad about the 8-hour time difference, though. The breakfast show comes on at 10pm here.

Before the start of the broadcast:

From Ray Anderson, purveyor of RSLs

Dear Mary and Chris,
Thanks for putting the link on. Our link back to you will be done in a couple of days.
It's all coming together, still lots to do but I think it will be a very successful broadcast. I am determined to make this broadcast the best so far!
We are now running some test audio. Would like to know if you are receiving it. I can't, on my prehistoric computer!

Regards, Ray x

From Howie Castle in San Diego

Hi Chris:

I logged on to the Big L site and pulled up the audio feed. It sounds excellent. No interruptions at all. Please pass on the info to Roger Davis. Of course, I'm using a cable modem, which is even better than a T3 line - and the latest RealPlayer, version 8.
Still....very impressive.


From Bob Price in Sunderland

Listening to your test transmissions via the PC. The 56k quality is first rate but, keeps dropping out to rebuff. 33k is more stable and the quality is great for world-wide listening. 28k quality as always a bit on the low fi side, but is OK for a backup in case you have problems with the others.

Great to hear Big L is back. I was down with my daughter and her friend for the 1997 RSL off Walton. We managed to visit the ship. My wife's pleased you're on the pier, she wasn't too happy about me taking the kids offshore last time!

The family and some friends (most of whom never heard the original Big L) are coming down from Sunderland for a week on the 12th August. Staying at Jaywick, as my daughter and I did for the RNI RSL last year.

I must admit that I have a very soft spot for rock music of 1969/70, so it will be good to hear how Big L would have reacted to the influence of Woodstock and if The Perfumed Garden programme would have progressed along the lines John Peel took with Top Gear on Radio One. Or would it have been dumped in favour of the more lighter pop tunes after Curzon Street found out?

Best of luck to you all, pleased to read that your costs have been covered.

Bob Price

From Ben Healy in Canada

Hi Chris & Mary,
I don't know where you find the time to update your website so often but I sure glad you do. I will try in the near future to get a picture of Lorne King and myself together and send it to you if you wish. I can feel the excitement building for the Radio London RSL and I and number of other people who visit your site would love to be able to attend, but I am sure that we will be well informed by both of you on the festivities. As always a pleasure to visit your site.

Best Wishes to you both, Ben Healy

From Victor Hartman

Hi Mary,

I worked for BFBS in Gib for 2 years, and have been on radio for some time. I was on Caroline in 1990 and the most recent broadcasts I made were this Easter on RNI. I went under the name of Victor Hartman then, because Paul Graham said that the anoraks wouldn't know me otherwise!??

I am due to do Big L in August, so hope to see you at Clacton, and Windsor as well! Big L will be 'as big as 'ell!' To quote Lennon/McCartney, "A splendid time is guaranteed for all".

Best regards, Clive (to confuse you further)

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