August 4th – August 31st, 1134 kHz - 266m

Radio London Programme Director, Paul Graham was the licensee for the RSL (Restricted Service Licence) which took place between 4th August and 31st August 2001, broadcasting to the Clacton, Essex area on 266m, 1134kHz, and throughout the world on the Internet. ("What's an RSL, Mary?")

The Clacton Pier management were delighted to welcome the station back and offered their full support. People had been contacting them since Big L 2000, to remark how 'Wonderful' it was to have Big L on the pier. With tourism suffering nationally because of earlier 'foot-and-mouth control' closures of many areas of countryside, the station helped to attract visitors to come and enjoy the seaside.

The studio for Big L 2001 was once again situated at the end of Clacton pier, but this time it was directly adjacent to the Jolly Roger café.

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