"We're all going on a summer holiday" – to Brighton!

Yes, we did it again at Summer Sixties 2000!

Brighton Centre, August 18th, 19th and 20th

The motley crew of the mv Brighton try and distract the bands once again...
Cardboard Shoes signing his cardboard-covered books on the Radio Caroline stand...
The crew of the mv Mi Amigo would have run a mile if they'd seen someone in this outfit!
On second thoughts, they were at sea for a long time...
"What do you think of the beer, Howie? I bet you'd rather have a Bud!" (Much laughter, as Howie had never heard that one before..."
Caroline stalwart Mike, meets one of his idols,
Bud Ballou!
There, we got through it again. Same time next year?
Who knows?
Disrupt the festival? Us? Nah!

© Chris Payne & Pauline Miller 2000

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