George Hare has generously shared his collection of photos of the Fredericia taken in Greenore, and some taken during a trip aboard the Mi Amigo for a lady from the USA. There's a shot of the Galaxy in there too!

With the exception of the large photo of the Fredericia at sea (which has no information on the back) the photographs on this page are the work of Bruce Fleming and Barratts Photo-Press Ltd of Fleet Street. Mark Keable of Ipswich24 Magazine has kindly infomed us that Barrett’s Photo Press was a long-established photo press agency, probably going back to before the war and it was merged into what is now the Press Association.

Bruce Fleming has very kindly allowed us to reproduce his pictures, although he believes that the copyright probably rested with the late Ronan O'Rahilly, who commissioned them. Bruce recalls travelling to Greenore with publicist Les Perrins and David Block for the secret photographic assignment, but was somewhat sceptical of Ronan's plan and had no idea that the ship he was to photograph would become a legend in radio history. Bruce has photographed many other legends over the years, but mostly people rather than ships.

Many of the pictures below have been enlarged from contact sheets, i.e. the strips of prints that photographers make directly from their roll of film, for the purpose of identifying the best shots for enlargement.

(Click on the small photos to view legible versions)

Ronan (left) with publicist David Block

The red cross indicates that this photo was chosen from the contact sheet. It appeared in the publication 'Radio Caroline and its stars' and a modified version appeared in the Radio Caroline annual.

Sometimes you just can't get a decent shot without putting your foot in it!
Bruce braved the dizzy heights of the mast to get these unique pictures.
Needless to say, the two transmitters were not switched on at the time!

Page three contains pictures taken during a trip aboard the Mi Amigo for a lady from the USA. There's a shot of the Galaxy in there too!

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