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Guestbook: This is where you're the critic!
Jim Murphy - 05/14/98 05:22:47
Favorite Caroline North DJ: the mascot dog Caroline. She could howl with the best of us
What Years Did You Listen?: 1965-1967
Favorite Music in 60: Surfing and Motown
Favorite Music Today: Blues & Jazz
I'm having so much fun putting this together I feel like coming out of retirement after ten years. Hope you'll enjoy what I am putting together here. murph
- 09/14/98 08:00:34
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Daffy Don Allen
What Years Did You Listen?: 66 - 68
Favorite Music in 60: Anything
Favorite Music Today: Anything
Great site, nice to see a tribute to the real 1st lady of radio and great to see all your photos. It's hard to appreciate now what an impact the station made with it's unique warmth and style. There will never be another.
ian fountain - 09/08/98 18:58:41
Favorite Caroline North DJ: too many to mention
What Years Did You Listen?: from the start to the finish
Favorite Music Today: rock (progressive?)
Great to see a site for R Caroline North. I listened to North and South from the first day of broadcasting and still miss them.
Errol Bruce - Knapp - 09/08/98 10:15:10
Favorite Music in 60: Riddim n Blooze
Hello Murph, I spent a short while DJ-ing aboard Caroline North with Don Allen and Bob Stewart in, if my geezer's brain recollects well, 1965. Let me thank you for having the schmartz to have a camera with you and posting some images that brought memories flooding back . Seems to me we met once or twice in London. I was the prat who accidently played Them's 'Little Girl' one early morning, monitor turned down - with Van Morrision's "Little Girl, I wanna f*** you" repeated over and over throughout it. Didn't realise what was going out on-air till a crew member huffe up to the studio to let me know! I don't think Chris Moore was much amused..... Your mention of Caroline - the dog, brought memories back of her hurtling down the corridor toward the tech's door after flicked Amstel beer bottle-caps and desperately back-pedaling to avoid the inevitable collision with said door..... I was saddened to read about Daffy's passing - he was a lovely, gentle man. I'd lost touch with him after coming to Toronto. Most of my Caroline time was down south, and was aboard England/Britain when they switched to Dutch. Worked radio on and off, here in Toronto with CHUM FM and other stations, television and am about to launch into syndicated-radio programming. Thanks again for the memories, Errol
Leigh Preece - 08/25/98 16:09:52
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Ermmm....
What Years Did You Listen?: Not born during them !
Favorite Music in 60: Horst Jankowski's "Walk in the Black Forest"!
Favorite Music Today: Anything but Rave/rap/crap
Hi Jim, Nice to see a site for the North Ship rather than the south or Ross. I've a fair few books and recordings but few feature the North ship. Keep up the good work - the site looks grand. Leigh.... born during RNI days!
Andy Sennitt - 08/21/98 12:38:38
Favorite Caroline North DJ: all of them!
What Years Did You Listen?: 64-68
Favorite Music in 60: Beach Boys (of course!)
Favorite Music Today: I prefer oldies
Hi, Jim I used to live in Norfolk, but when the MV Caroline sailed north to Ramsey Bay, many of my friends stayed loyal to the original station. In those days, we could hear Caroline North well at night via skywave, so I recall many evenings listening to the Midn ght Surf Party which started, I believe, at 10.30pm. I feel that Radio Caroline North has often been overlooked in documentaries, mainly because most of the producers and many of the former DJ's are based in the south of England. I always preferred the format of Caroline North to that of the South ship, whi h was too middle-of-the-road for my teenage tastes. About me: I'm 48, single, and currently freelancing for Radio Netherlands (primarily with the Web site). Prior to that, I spent 19 years with the World Radio TV Handbook, the last 10 as editor. It's great to know that in your retirement you are still flying the flag for Caroline North, a station which will always have a special place in my memory. Kind regards, Andy Sennitt
Tony - 08/19/98 23:51:04
Favorite Caroline North DJ: ???
What Years Did You Listen?: 80 to 90
Looks cool, but I only heard / visited the Ross Revenege
john newstead - 07/12/98 16:52:03
Favorite Caroline North DJ: don allen
What Years Did You Listen?: 64/68
Favorite Music in 60: motown
Favorite Music Today: motown
hi jim although Don passed away in Ireland in 1995, a local dj called brian cullan intervied him in 1992. If you want a copy of the tape let me have your details and i will send it to you also have audio of Caroline's opening in the mornings. Hope to hear from you soon keep rocking john@cnews@aol.com
Graham Goodwin - 07/04/98 21:54:41
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Don Allen
What Years Did You Listen?: 64-68
Favorite Music in 60: Stones
Favorite Music Today: Dire Straits
Good to hear you again
JIM RICHMAN - 07/04/98 16:27:25
Favorite Caroline North DJ: TONY PRINCE
What Years Did You Listen?: 1964-1967
Favorite Music in 60: TAMLA MOTOWN
Favorite Music Today: M.O.R
Graham Hughes - 06/27/98 20:23:01
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Mike Ahearn
What Years Did You Listen?: 64-67
Favorite Music in 60: Stones, Dave Berry.
Favorite Music Today: Not a lot!
Great web site with lots of memories. Who was on the ship when the dutch tugs towed it in March 68? And did Ross Brown from the south ship go North and any idea where he is now. He is the forgotten hero of Aug 14 1967.
Kenny Tosh - 06/24/98 22:00:57
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Daffy Don Allen
What Years Did You Listen?: 65 -68
Favorite Music in 60: an U.S. pop/Motown
Favorite Music Today: M people, Maria Nayler
HI Jim ! Will be in touch soon! Kenny Tosh
Jon Myer - 06/17/98 22:13:52
The Pirate Radio Hall of Fame
Favorite Caroline North DJ: I lived in the south (but I'm sure I heard you on the South ship)
What Years Did You Listen?: from the very start
Favorite Music in 60: soul/Motown/Stones
Favorite Music Today: still like the old stuff but also new bands too
Great to see your site - and hear your voice again. I lived in Sussex (southern England) so I never heard Caroline North but I'm sure I remember hearing you on the south ship. A lot of the names featured on your site also broadcast from the Mi Amigo, so I remember them well. The pirates provided the soundtrack to my youth and they inspired me to work in radio. I've worked on commercial stations in the UK since 1973 and now for the BBC - and I hope no one ever forgets the debt we owe to Ronan O'Rahilly and his team. I recently made a documentary about the sixties pirates which was broadcast on BBC Greater London Radio. As it was aimed at a London audience it didn't feature much of Caroline North but I did interview your old colleague Tom Lodge who was as enthusiastic about the old days as ever. Best wishes, Jon Myer
Dr. Martin van der Ven - 06/04/98 06:10:10
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Tony Prince
What Years Did You Listen?: 1967-68
Favorite Music in 60: Byrds, Beatles, Stones, Beach Boys, Scott McKenzie
Favorite Music Today: Pink Floyd, Genesis
Nice web site, brings back golden memories.
Ben Healy - 05/29/98 18:10:31
Favorite Caroline North DJ: Jim Murphy/Rosco
What Years Did You Listen?: 62 to 67
Favorite Music in 60: Motown
Favorite Music Today: Rock and Country
Hi Jim My Name Is Ben Healy and I worked on the pirate radio station Radio Scotland in 66 and 67 also on Radio City for a short period of time in 65 I listened a lot to radio Caroline and really enjoyed you and Rosco, I don't know if you have had a chance to read "Pop go the Pirates by Keith Skues" but it gives a great written history of the d.j's and the stations and we are both in the book I hope everything is well with you and that you are doing well Kind regards Ben Healy
Chris Edwards - 05/29/98 14:49:17
Favorite Caroline North DJ: was living in London
What Years Did You Listen?: 65-67
Favorite Music in 60: Rolling Stones
Favorite Music Today: ditto, plus much else
Hello Jim Nice to see the site coming along. Is that really a laid back murph pic, or is it Van Morrison, or perhaps a shaven zz top member? Will be in touch v.soon Look forward to seeing more on the web Best wishes Chris
Chattenoir - 05/15/98 23:27:38
Favorite Music in 60: You better ask my Mom
Favorite Music Today: from classical to alternative
Hi! I am your neighbor in 9400 block. Just stopping by to say "hello!" and to wish you lots of luck in building your site. :)
John England - 05/15/98 20:28:41
What Years Did You Listen?: all
Favorite Music in 60: '50s! - motown - spector sounds, etc.
Favorite Music Today: turned off music and on to NPR, radio and music is too impersonal these days
It was a fun time, but looking back it was a missed chance to do something big - with all of the ears tuned to one place - what the politicians would do for numbers like that these days - but it was so innocent politically - hence everyone got srewed over the "pirate" tag - just look at all of the UK stations on the air now (all censored in the political sense), and all sitting on a lot of wavelengths which everyone was told did not exist - hence the MOA in 1967 = if you get 5 secs, wander over to 5497 and take a peek. Caroline North was a great station which boomed into Birmingham - but so did the South station as well - which is where I was during some of that time - but all of it in England, which is where I was born - I came here in 1970.
Bruce - 05/15/98 17:37:18
What Years Did You Listen?: 197?-1975
Happy to see another site comming on line about the "golden days" of radio, the OFFSHORE ERA. Looking forward to hearing your stories and see pictures. Take care, Bruce.