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Dave Lee Travis-DJ
Caroline South 1965-1967
Caroline North 1967
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Dave Lee Travis, better known around the world as D.L.T., was born in Buxton on 25th May 1945.  He joined Radio Caroline South  in September 1965.  He transferred up to Caroline North in its last few months. DLT  began his career spinning discs at the Oasis Club in Manchester on a part time basis.  He went on an extensive tour of clubs, ballrooms and theatres presenting and promoting his own shows.  He was asked by Herman to accompany The Hermits on their American tour. This led to radio and TV broadcasts in many states and on his return to Britain he continued to promote his own shows in Blackpool, Bury and surrounding areas.

DLT joined the BBC and today he is heard around the world on the BBC World Service.


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