We already have photos of models of the Caroline North ship, Fredericia and the station's most recent vessel, Ross Revenge. Now John S Platt shares the pictures of his painstaking construction of the Mi Amigo, which John describes as "a replica, not a representation".


I have always made models. I started with plastic kits and later radio controlled model aircraft. I would spend a year building a replica of an aircraft, take it to the flying field and return home with it in a carrier bag after smashing it up after 60 seconds, if I was lucky. Being able to fly the real things was not an advantage. So, model ships were a more sensible option.

Having won several international prizes for some of my models, the search is always on to find a subject that had never been modelled before. Offshore radio was one that had not been tackled before.

I researched into as many ships from that era that I could find. I obtained plans for the Fredericia, Comet, Galaxy and numerous others, but for me the only ship that epitomised that era was the Mi Amigo.

I wrote to the shipyard that converted her into Radio Nord – they never replied. So for nine months I wrote twice a week and eventually received a package of neglected plans that I had redrawn to provide a set of working plans for the model. I am sure that they sent them to shut me up!

So far, I have spent 8 years on this model. Partly because of illness, but also a desire to produce a replica not a representation.

The completed model will have interior and exterior lighting and be fully radio controlled. All I need is for someone to construct an AM transmitter that will fit into a packet of fags.

Over to you!

John S Platt

If anyone can help John, please e-mail:
Big John <xpz67@btinternet.com>

Photographs and text © John S Platt 2006

Many thanks to John for sharing the photos of his lovely models of the Mi Amigo and Galaxy.

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