Memories of 'Your station on the stairs'
Betty Hale, Colin Hamilton (background Johny Moran and Stuart Grundy)
Your DJ, BA – Barry Alldis
Barry Alldis and Colin Hamilton
Where did Chris Denning get that hat?
Tony Blackburn tries his hand at the 'Mick Jagger' clap
Now then, now then, it's the Founder of the TTDC, Jimmy Savile

Many thanks to Hans Knot for the above pictures

Friday Spectacular hosts Muriel Young and Shaw Taylor with guest, Judith Chalmers

I had the pleasure of meeting Shaw Taylor in London in March 2002 and he told me he was surprised that anyone remembered him on 208! Read Shaw's profile here.


'Those Luxy Days'

Bruce Howard of Bristol sent a message to Bob Stewart which he is happy to share with other 208 fans.
(More about Bob is here and here.)

Hello Baby Bob,

You won't remember me but years ago, (I think it must have just been into the seventies), myself and other enthusiasts came to the Luxembourg studios and watched and chatted with you and other presenters of the day. There was Dave Christian amongst others, who on several occasions guest deejayed with us at the 'Bird's Nest' in Twickenham, one of a chain of Watneys pubs long since gone.

I also recall Kid Jenson was on the station and after his show we went along to a local disco in Luxembourg where he, and I believe all of you, used to take a tour of duty and what great fun we had at (what was that club called?).

It's funny really how quite by accident when searching for some jingle downloads I came across this great new site and thought you might appreciate this email. I always thought you had a great voice; an absolute natural. I must confess I had no idea that you were not an American, you certainly carried it off very convincingly. I recall you with affection, Bob, with such memories of you rolling your own cigarette and lighting up, whilst at the same time reading a commercial spot and thought, this guy is so laid back it's great! I enjoyed the whole experience and thank you and all the jocks for that.

Where did those halcyon days of radio go to I ask myself? There's been precious little decent radio since the demise of Radio Luxembourg and the pirates like Caroline and Radio London. Even if the signals were a bit fuzzy, they were broadcasts with atmosphere, now lost forever.

Anyway Bob I heard of your sad news of poor health and like many others I wish you a speedy recovery, and if ever you decide to come out of retirement and reposition yourself behind the mike, please let me know, because I will certainly tune in, especially if it's over the net on broadband.

One final comment, a question in fact, what was that wonderful haunting instrumental theme that you used to use? I would love to try and get hold of it for nostalgic reasons. Take care mate and hang on in there.

Sincere regards from Bruce Howard in Bristol UK


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