Monday August 14th 2017

Organisers: Chris and Mary Payne
Jon Myer, Alan Hardy

Absent Friends List

Our Toastmaster, The Admiral Robbie Dale, led the toast to Absent Friends.
e then played a rolling list of those who are sadly no longer with us.
(Photo: Martin van der Ven)

Offshore 50 was a reunion relating to radio stations operating from International Waters off the UK, between 1964 and 1968.
Much as we respect the marine broadcasters from other countries and other eras who are now departed,
it was impossible to include all their names.

Mike Ahern
Tony Allan
Ted Allbeury
Don Allen
Mike Allen
Simon Ashley
Mike Barron
Joan Bates
Roy Bates
Paul Beresford
Alan Black
Kitty Black
Guy Blackmore (a.k.a Jimmy Gordon)
Eddie Blackwell
Chuck Blair
Boomboom Brannigan
Stacey Brewer
Errol Bruce
Gerry Burke
Dorothy Calvert
Reg Calvert
Tony Carroll
Dave Cash
Kerry Clarke
Marian Cochrane
Edward Cole
Carl Conway
Ralph Cooper
Tom Cooper
Allan Crawford
Paul Dale
Tom Danaher
Alexander Dee
Simon Dee
Dave Dennis (a.k.a Neil Spence)
Jack Dobson
Peter Dolphin
Peter Ducrow
Gerry Duncan
Peter Duncan
Ken Evans
Kenny Everett
John H. Gilman
John "Ray" Glendinning
William Glendinning
Barry Golbourne
Roger Gomez (a.k.a Roger Keene)
Richard Harris
Stuart Henry
Bruce Holland
Paul Hollingdale
Mike Howell

Peter Jameson
Sheldon Jay
Eddie Jerold
Ric Jonns
John Junkin
Paul Kaye
Ted King
Nick Kirby
Paul Kramer
Ed Laney
Bob Larkins
Dominic Lefoe
Tom Lodge
Adrian Love
Mick Luvzit
Dave MacKay
Jimmy Mack
Allen Mackenzie
Peter Mallan
Tony Mandell
John Michael
Carl Mitchell
Ed Moreno
Spangles Muldoon (a.k.a Herb Oscar Anderson)
Jim Murphy
W.V. "Joe" Neal
Martin Newton
Michael Parkin
Brian Paull
John Peel
Annette Pierson
Don Pierson
Tom Pepper
Wilf Proudfoot
Harry Putnam (a.k.a Johnny Dark)
Robert Randall
Mike Raven
Don Richardson
Earl Richmond
Sheena Russell
Bob Scott
Martin Shaw
Tommy Shields
Phil Solomon
Mike Speake
Jack Spector
Bob Spencer
Jocelyn Stevens
Ed Stewart
Dennis 'The Menace' Straney
Screaming Lord Sutch
Gordon Swann
Jon Sydney

Tommy Toal
A.N. Thomas
Leon Tipler (a.k.a Phil Oaker)
Russell Tollerfield
Tommy Vance
Ted Walters
John Waters
Ian West
Eddie White
Charlie Whyte
Tony Withers (a.k.a Tony Windsor)
Jason Wolfe
Ian Yates

Also remembering our dear friends
The WWll shipmates of the USS Density
Tanya Baugus
Jenni Baynton
Rob Olthof
Caroline Wilkins

Respect to all the Sixties musicians who have left us to join the guys who played their music in the Great Radio Station in the Sky.
Our apologies and respect to the memory of any offshore colleagues who may inadvertently have been missed from this list.

There remains a small number of ex-offshore personnel whom we would have liked to have invited to the reunion, but unfortunately, we have never managed to locate. They too are our Absent Friends.

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