Monday August 14th 2017

Organisers: Chris and Mary Payne
Jon Myer, Alan Hardy

Notes of Thanks
(with apologies for any we've missed)

"No one will ever forget Monday August the 14th
Two Thousand and Seventeen...!"
Alan Field

Just a short note to congratulate you all on the offshore 50 event.
To get that many ex-pirates together was a feat in its own right, let alone research and put all those videos together. It was quite some achievement.
It was great meeting old friends and colleagues and making new acquaintances, so thank you for all the hard work.
Geoff & Denise Pearson (Radio London)
I just wanted to thank everyone who pulled together the reunion on the 'Tatty'. A most memorable day, the like of which we will never see again in our lifetime. You deserve great praise for organising that brilliant event.
Thanks again for everything
Keith Skues (Caroline and London)
Just a personal note of appreciation for the splendid event. A real Aaaaaah for us both. So glad we are in your database.
Love and offshore kisses.
John & Connie Ross-Barnard (Britain Radio)
Hi Mary, Chris Jon, Alan and others involved,
Jana and I arrived back in Groningen on Weds 16th and we had a lovely week visiting Cambridge, Harwich and London with the high profile reunion on Monday. Although August 14th is always a black day, this one had a golden shine on it. Congratulations to you all. It will be remembered for a long, long time. My photos have been send to Martin so they are now on the internet soon.
with all best wishes
Hans Knot (Offshore Historian, Netherlands)
I've been so busy recently and can't recall if I thanked you and congratulated you and your team for a wonderful marking of the spot on the 50th. Thank you thank you thank you....
A magical day.
Tony Prince (Caroline)
Absolutely brilliant day. Perfect location and well organised.
The memories, the wonderful people that made British Radio come alive 50 years ago ... this reunion was meant to be, and you did it.
Thank you,
Noel Miller (270)
What a fabulous reunion! It was good to meet you and all the pirate radio people from way back. I much admire your organisational ability. 
I look forward to the 50th plus one... Well done to you and your team. 
Kindest Regards, Johnny Edward (Radio London)
Just a short note to say thanks to all organisers for a wonderful day yesterday. Nice to see old friends.
Best regards, Carl Thomson (Caroline)
Had a really great time yesterday and thanks for all the effort you and others put into organising it. There was a wonderful atmosphere. I've posted some personal photos, and some of Mike Terry's on my Facebook timeline, as well as the Radio London Facebook group.
Mike Barraclough ( Radio London Facebook group)
Many thanks to all concerned with the Offshore 50 Event aboard the Tattershall Castle. Having so many people from different stations made it so very enjoyable. It was particularly interesting to chat with those who had chosen a different career after their offshore days, but the memories linger on..... and indeed so they should.

Andy Cadier (Radio Essex)
Thanks so much for inviting me to the Tattershall Castle reunion!
A wonderful day when I met old friends and made new ones. Happy to go with dxing and radio friends Mike Barraclough and Mike Terry.!
Hope it won't be until the next reunion until we see each other again!
Svenn Martinsen (Radio Northern Star)
Thanks again for a lovely event and for the enormous amount of work which you all put into it
Jeff Jones (270)
Well done again, on the splendid event. A masterpiece of organisation for the disorganised!
Guy Hamilton (270)
We had a lovely day, thank you. It was great to meet everyone. Susan Moore (née Calvert)

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