35th Anniversary Offshore Reunion
10th August 2002

Is this the best picture taken at our 35th Offshore Reunion?
Left to Right: Mark Sloane, Robbie Dale, Tommy Vance, Mike Ahern, DLT, Keith Hampshire and John Aston

(Remarkable picture captured by Pauline Miller 2002

The 35th Anniversary Reunion can only be described by that well-worn accolade, 'WONDERFUL'! The event, our biggest and most successful ever, was attended by a huge contingent of the 'Wet Club' – personnel from offshore radio during the Sixties to the early Seventies.

It was amazing to see guests making the effort to come from Australia, Canada, the USA, Belgium, the Canary Islands, Germany, Holland and Ireland.

The venue was decorated with pirate flags, vinyl singles, offshore memorabilia and inflatable microphones! Our private terrace overlooked the Thames and provided great views of London landmarks.

At 3.00pm, the closedown of Radio London and the determined continuation of Caroline was used as a focal point for an audio presentation put together by Chris, illustrating exactly what British broadcasting lost on that sad day in 1967.

Afterwards, guests heard a recorded greeting from Steve Young in Canada, then Chris explained that Ian Damon's absence was due to his having recently undergone a serious operation. Both Steve and Ian, and their wives Trish and Janice, were greatly missed at the reunion. Later, we telephoned Ian, who had returned home from hospital only that day, and several friends were able to speak to him and wish him well.

Presentations were made to the good friends who had assisted in the organisation of the event, and Graham 'Spider' Webb who came from Down Under, received the 'Far Out' award for being the guest who had travelled the furthest to attend. Mary and Chris were presented with a lovely bouquet and a bottle of bubbly by their co-organisers.

Finally, our grateful thanks to everyone who helped us make the occasion such a success. Alan Field, Alan Hardy, Pauline Miller, Dave Miller, Jon Myer, John Sales and Peter Young all worked especially hard. Last, but by no means least, we appreciated the service provided by Nicole, the pub landlady and all her staff, especially Mark, who ran the bar.

Original offshore personnel who attended, were Mike Ahern, John Aston, Nick Bailey, Bud Ballou, Woolf Byrne, Gordy Cruse, Robbie Dale, John Edward, Graeme Gill, Keith Hampshire, David Hawkins, Phil Jay, Duncan Johnson, Mick Luvzit, Ronan O'Rahilly, Roger Scott, Keith Skues, Mark Sloane, Ed Stewart, Dave Lee Travis, Tommy Vance, Johnnie Walker, Willy Walker, Graham Webb and David Williams.

They represented Radio 390, Radio Caroline North, Radio Caroline South, Radio City, Radio England, Radio London and Radio Northsea International.

Chris and Mary's personal photos: Offshore Radio Reunion, August 2002 This London event, the biggest we have organised, commemorated the 35th anniversary of the enforced offshore radio close-down by the passing of the Marine Offences Bill, and marked the start of the struggle to survive by the guys from Caroline North and South, who battled on.
Chris and Mary's photos: Sunday, August 11th. Some of the guests paid a visit to Caroline House
15-Page Photomontage A collection of 35th Anniversary Reunion photos contributed by guests.
Mini-Reunions 2002. A 2-page photo-montage of people who missed the August gathering, but held their own reunions on a smaller scale. Featuring Errol Bruce, Paul Burnett, Dave Cash, Roger Day, Ben Healy, Norm St John and Steve Young.

All pictures on the Saturday and Sunday pages © Chris Payne 2002
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