40th Anniversary Celebration
26th February 2005

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Radio London's 40th Anniversary was December 23rd 2004. After consulting ex-Big L personnel, it became apparent that virtually nobody would be able to attend a celebration on that date. Taking guests' preferences into consideration, the date of February 26th 2005 was agreed and a venue was chosen – the TS Queen Mary, berthed permanently on the Thames.

Unfortunately, several guests were obliged to drop out, due to personal commitments or ill health. We had a smaller gathering than anticipated, but it was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. Five original DJs, one Texan founder and a very popular ship's steward were present and absent friends were fondly remembered. Tom Danaher flew in from Texas and Norm St John flew all the way from Brisbane, especially to attend. Many guests had not seen each other for around 40 years!

The saddest cases of missing guests were Tommy Vance and John Peel. Tommy had initially written to say he would attend, but on the day, was working in Spain. He sent us his love, via Duncan Johnson. Only days later, Tommy suffered a stroke from which he never recovered. He died on March 6th, aged 61.

John Peel had written back on the bottom of his invitation, (below) to say he was scheduled to be presenting a show December 23rd, but that he would like to be kept informed about February 26th.
This was in July 2004. John's sudden death three months later, was a shock to us all.

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Of course, no celebration of Radio London would be complete without recognising that its history is still being written! This is particularly the case with respect to the station's ship, the mv Galaxy. Previously a WWII US minesweeper, (the USS Density) it was discovered in 2000 that, incredibly, the original crew had no idea that their ship had been very significant in the writing of the music and radio history of the 60s! They had been holding reunions since the mid-60s, oblivious to this fact, and with even more sense of irony, the first one was held about the time that the ship was being fitted out in Miami to become the home of Radio London!

The crew's reunion in 2001 was the ideal opportunity to bring them up-to-date. At this event, one of the original Radio London founders, Tom Danaher (who was present at our 40th Anniversary), related how it all started and what condition the ship was in when they first found her.

Hear Tom Danaher describe the very beginning of Radio London. The story started with Don Pierson seeing an item about Radio Caroline in a US newspaper...
Read about the 2001 and 2003 Density Reunions and see many pictures, including the fantastic story of the ship's bell!

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