Density Reunion 2001 – the first contact with the Density Crew

by John S. Platt

All of us who listened to, or were involved with Big L during the Sixties have a warm place in our hearts for her ship, the Galaxy. However, the original crew who spent a couple of years of their lives on board the mine-sweeper knew nothing about her reincarnation as Radio London.

I am talking about the wartime crew of the Density, as she was then. This small group of men began holding biannual reunions in Texas in 1965, with no idea that the ship had another life. They had been told by the US Navy that she was scrapped in 1947.

The reunions are held to give her wartime crew an opportunity to mull over old times and generally relive a past that is very personal to them, so I was honoured to have been invited to the next event in Dallas, 2001, to give a talk on the old girl's history from 1955, but sadly was unable to attend.

I contacted the guys and gave them the full history of the old girl. In exchange they have sent me the ship's full wartime history, photographs of the ship during the 1940s, crew rosters and even a picture of her wartime flag.

Below is a picture of the Density's battle-torn flag and one taken from the bridge during the War.

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