The USS Density Reunion 2001 Report

12th to 14th September 2001,
at the Embassy Suites Hotel, Dallas, Texas, USA

(Our initial report from Dallas on the 11th and 12th is here)

Radio London's mv Galaxy was originally the minesweeper USS Density. Incredibly, the crew never knew of their ship's second life fighting another battle against the British establishment. John Platt discovered this in 1999 while researching the history of the Density on the Internet.

Naturally, the crew wanted to hear all about Radio London, so we were fortunate enough to be able to go to Dallas to help tell the story, along with Big L originals Tom Danaher and Ben Toney.

The tragic events of Sept 11th somewhat overshadowed the event, and several of the guests were unable to attend. However, as can be seen from the pictures, there was no stopping us from sharing this unique, historic event that will for ever become a part of offshore radio history!

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LaVerne and Marie Bailey (left pic) started organising Density Shipmates' Reunions back in 1965. It's strange to think that while the crew were holding their first event in the US, unbeknown to them the ship was sending out 50kW of Beatles and Stones to an unsuspecting British public!
This year, LaVerne and Marie's daughter, Tanya (far left in the right-hand picture) took over the unenviable task of holding the reins and organising the Reunion.

Left to right on couch: Tanya Baugus, Mary Payne, Jane Brandstetter, Charlene Anglebrandt and Marie Bailey
You take one of me and I'll take one of you!
Alberta Smalldon and Charlie Stock
Bill Brandstetter, LaVerne, Marie, Alberta and Russ Anglebrandt
"We made it, it's fantastic to be here, and we've got the T-shirt to prove it!"
An emotional moment as the Density's banner takes pride of place in Suite 915
A superb, rare picture given to us by LaVerne*
Charlie and LaVerne reminisce

All pictures © Chris Payne 2001 except * which is used by kind permission of LaVerne Bailey

Silhouette Density logo used by kind permission of Tanya Baugus

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