for Sunday 23rd July 1967

All on the way up: James and Bobby Purify leap from #40 to #19) and Jeff Beck climbs from #15 to #12.

Last week's Monkees 'Big L exclusive' wastes no time in hitting the top!

Presented by Ed Stewart
Pleasant Valley Sunday Monkees
I Was Made To Love Her Stevie Wonder
Death Of A Clown Dave Davies
Tonight In Tokyo Sandie Shaw
Gin House Amen Corner
I'll Never Fall In Love Again Tom Jones
Creeque Alley Mamas & Papas
Up Up And Away Johnny Mann Singers
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair) Scott McKenzie
All You Need Is Love/Baby You're a Rich Man (#) Beatles
007 Desmond Dekker & the Aces
Tallyman Jeff Beck
Shake, Rattle And Roll Arthur Conley
Trying To Forget Jim Reeves
Hi Hi Hazel Troggs
Cry Softly Lonely One Roy Orbison
A Little Piece Of Leather Gene Latter
Green Street Green New Vaudeville Band
I Take What I Want James & Bobby Purify
Sticks And Stones Warm Sounds
Bye Bye Baby Symbols
Suddenly Things Ivy League
Excerpt From A Teenage Opera Keith West
My Mammy Happenings
A Bad Night Cat Stevens
Mercy Mercy Mercy Buckinghams
Things Get Better Eddie Floyd
My Lady Jet Harris
The Time Has Come P P Arnold
Claire Paul & Barry Ryan
Under My Thumb Who
Times Were When Studio Six
Stay In My World Mary Langley
King Of The World Quik
Come And Play With Me In The Garden John's Children
Go On Home Julie Rogers
Reflections Of Charles Brown Rupert's People
The Greatest Love Billy Joe Royal
Tiny Goddess Nirvana
Step Out Of Your Mind American Breed

(#) #10 – The additional credit for Baby You're a Rich Man reflects Brian Long's listing.

Aboard the Galaxy (and elsewhere around the North Sea) this week:
July 23rd
Keith Skues presented his 'History of Big L' on his morning show and announced that MD Philip Birch would make an announcement on August 1st about the future of Radio London. Ronan O'Rahilly had already announced that Caroline would continue broadcasting.

Radio 227 (formerly Radio England) ceased broadcasting from the Olga Patricia.

July 25th

Tommy Vance, (left) having served twice aboard Caroline South, jumped ship to become the final DJ to join Big L.

July 25th

Philip Birch
arrived aboard the Galaxy to deliver the devastating news to the DJs and crew that Big L would be forced to close on August 14th before the Marine Offences Bill becomes law at midnight. Ian Damon remained on the air while the rest of the staff assembled in the ship's mess. It fell upon Ed Stewart, as senior DJ, to break the sad news to listeners.

(Far left – click to enlarge) Story from the Daily Mail 28th July 67. This and The Sun's Radio 1 story below are from the Francis Pullen collection.

Right: 'Radio London Fight for Free Radio' stamps, courtesy of Alan Hardy.)

Keith Skues presented his final 9.00am to noon show, before leaving Radio London. He would return to the Galaxy one last time on August 11th.

July 28th
Today saw the demise of Radio 390, the sweet-music-format station based on Red Sand fort.


July 24th
Philip Birch made his formal announcement to the Curzon Street staff that plans for Radio London to continue broadcasting had fallen through and the station would be forced to close.

July 25th
The BBC announced that its new pop station, Radio One, would launch on September 30th. (Story from The Sun, Friday 28th July 1967.)

Far right, is Caroline North's response, in the form of a teeshirt, designed by Daffy Don Allen.

July 29th
Alexandra Palace was a popular venue. A week after the 'Save the Pirates' gig, an all-night 'Love-In Festival' was held there between 2100 and 0900. With 10,000 Beautiful People attending at an admission price of £1 the gig made, as one journalistic wag noted, a lot of £SD for someone!

Among the Love-in stars were Eric Burdon and the Animals, Apolistic Intervention, Blossom Toes, Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Creation, Julie Driscoll and the Brian Auger Trinity, Pink Floyd, Sam Gopal Dream, The Nervous System, Scaffold and Tomorrow.

Arthur Brown arrived on stage dressed as an insect. Pink Floyd were playing their second gig of the day, after a long drive from Norwich, while Syd Barrett was apparently 'indisposed' and failed to join them on stage. Zoot Money, who had just disbanded his Big Roll Band and gone psychedelic with Dantalian’s Chariot, was present in a biblical-style white robe that made him resemble "a cross between John the Baptist and The Ghost of Christmas-Yet-To-Come".

The Love-in (which many regarded as more of an 'orgy-in'), took place during the torrential rain of a typical British summer, causing havoc with the attending flower children's body paint.

DJ Climbers:    
Don't Let The Rain Fall Down On Me Critters Chuck Blair
Even The Bad Times Are Good Tremeloes Tony Brandon
It's A Hang-Up Baby Jerry Lee Lewis Ian Damon
Back To Memphis Chuck Berry Pete Drummond
I Can't Wait Barry Benson Paul Kaye
Time Seller Spencer Davis Group Mike Lennox
It's A Happening Thing Peanut Butter Conspiracy John Peel
The House That Jack Built Alan Price Set Mark Roman
Hello Lover Billy Forrest (of the Dream Merchants) Keith Skues
The Day I Met Marie Cliff Richard Ed Stewart
Long-Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On) Elvis Presley Tommy Vance
Craise Finton Kirk Johnnie Young Willy Walker

Now we start to see the appearance of those Summer-of-Love favourites that have since become Big L anthems – Time Seller, Craise Finton Kirk and Love Years Coming.

Disc of the Week

Love Years Coming Strawberry Children Liberty LBF 15012

Love Years Coming, the first release by Jimmy Webb under the name of Strawberry Children, was produced (as the illegible text at the bottom lefthand corner of the advert says) by fellow Fab Forty artist, Johnny Rivers, singer of another Big L favourite, Poor Side of Town.

Craise Finton Kirk Johnnie (sic) Young Polydor BM 56186

The tale of the star from Down Under who failed to hit the big time in the UK and the single that became the 1997 Big L anthem, already has its own page on the Radio London website. Incidentally, one music site claims that Johnnie was born in Australia, then one paragraph later, lists his birthplace as Holland! A clever trick if you can do it, but Johnnie was actually born in neither of those two places. Check the Johnnie/Johnny Young page to discover his real birthplace and find out who or what 'Craise Finton Kirk' was.

Craise Finton Kirk (Royal Academy of Arts) also appears on this week's Album of the Week, Bee Gees First, but sounding nothing like the Johnny Young version, even though the Gibb Brothers did sing on both recordings.

Besides climbers that were played at the time of the broadcast of the Sunday Fab Forty, Alan kept a note of others he heard later in the week and incorporated them into his list.

Some Other Someday West Coast Consortium
For Brandy Dave Justin
Running Away With My Baby Majority
Disc of the Week:  
Love Years Coming Strawberry Children
Album of the Week:  
Bee Gees First Bee Gees

Climber note:
In The London Sound, Brian Long has listed So Many Memories by Martha & the Vandellas as a climber this week. Brian says, "I do not have an official, typed, chart for this week, but the record is listed in a summary log I compiled of evidence from numerous sources. Unfortunately, at this distance, I cannot recall where the information came from - it may have been from a broadcast. However, no such release is listed in the Tamla Motown discography. If you regard the information as suspect, please feel free to delete it."

Kees Brinkerink unearthed to a recording of Mike Lennox presenting his 18:00-21:00 evening show and resolved the mystery. The song Mike actually played by Martha and the Vandellas was Come and Get These Memories, but it was a Revived 45. Mike jokes that he'd had to choose between that track and White Christmas by Bing Crosby, but at some point someone had listened to the recording and misinterpreted his remarks to mean that he was referring to Martha and the Vandellas as a new release. Hearing the recording, (courtesy of Alan Field) it's easy to appreciate how the track mistakenly ended up on the climber list.

Running Away With My Baby Majority Decca F12638

From Hull, the Majority were called the Mustangs, till relocating to London where they played many of the top clubs. Singer Larry Graham (aka Wigley) was backed by Roger France, lead gtr, Don Lill drums, Rob Longo (rhythm gtr, vocals) and Ken Smith, bass.

The band released no fewer than eight unsuccessful Decca singles between 1965 and 68. They fared better when they relocated to the continent, changed name to Majority One and signed to the Dutch Pink Elephant label.

Ballad Box:
Inch'Allah (God Willing) Adamo
When The World Is Ready Vince Hill
Smile Rockin' Berries

Soul Set:
Tramp Otis Redding & Carla Thomas
You Keep Me Hanging On* Vanilla Fudge
Take Me (Just As I Am) Solomon Burke
Eight Days a Week* Daddy's Act
A Little Bit Of Something* Little Richard

This week's Ballad Box/Soul Set listings are courtesy of Kees Brinkerink. Kees says:

Although your Fab 40 collection is complete, I could not resist sending you the ONLY complete Fab 40 that I ever wrote down myself. The scan is from a copy of an original that I typed in 1968. At the time, I had just turned 14! For you, this may be just another Fab 40, but I’m still very proud of this one.

In the Soul Set, and I was also proud of that fact at the time, the Dutch group Daddy’s Act is featured with their unique slow, bluesy version of 'Eight Days a Week'.

Please regard this as a belated birthday present and even though you probably cannot use any of the information presented, for me it is a very personal memory of Radio London, which I cherish.

In fact, Kees's birthday present has proved a valuable contribution, as there was no existing information concerning the Ballad Box/Soul Set listings for this week.

Eight Days a Week Daddy's Act Columbia DB8242

This band from the Netherlands contained Leon Kleerekoper, who was a DJ for a short time on Radio Veronica and then on Radio 227, under the name of Johnnie van Doorn. As a solo artist, he underwent many changes of name, releasing singles as both John van Doren and David Alexandre Winter. After scoring a huge Euro-hit with Oh Lady Mary, he appears to have stuck with the latter name. (Band info here.)

(Major Minor collectors will find a superb instrumental version of Oh Lady Mary on Raymond le Fevre & his Orchestra Vol 5.)

'Monty's Diary' (See Fab Forty for 010167) confirms three of Kees Brinkerink's Soul Set listings, by Vanilla Fudge, Daddy's Act and Little Richard.
Alan Field did not hear records sourced from Monty's Diary played or announced as climbers.

Tune in next week for another Field's Fab Forty

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