Ian Damon's Big Lil Scrapbook

Ian was kind enough to send us the fantastic, historic pictures below! They've had to be retouched and enhanced quite a bit on the Mac because they are, naturally, over thirty years old! We make no apologies for having them on the site at such a large size.

At the end of 2002, we received the following lovely message from Christine Geltner (née Jones)

I read with interest your site concerning BIG L, Chuck Blair and Ian (Davidson) Damon. What wonderful memories! We will never see the like of that wonderful radio station again, and every August 14th to this day, I still pause and remember the guys. I am living in Phoenix, Arizona now, but do visit my country often.

I believe I took the photo you printed, of Ian and Chuck. (Bottom of page) My friend and I were huge Radio London fans, and travelled to Felixstowe on a few occasions to meet the guys off the boat. I have a color original of the same photo in my collection! I also have a few photos of Kenny Everett, Ed Stewart, Tony Blackburn, Lorne King, John Peel and Chuck Blair. Some were taken at Liverpool Street train station in London, where the guys' train ended up, from Felixstowe. The DJ's also performed at a club called the Carlton, in Slough, Bucks quite often, and I have a few photos from there too. I think I even have an old recording of some of the broadcasts.

Ian would possibly remember me and my friend Sue. I believe he moved back to Australia after the station was disbanded, with his wife Janice. We did visit them at their flat in London a few times, and also visited with Dave (Kenny and Cash) Cash. We were there when Ian left Janice to go back to Australia, and it was a tearful moment, of course.

We were particularly known to John Peel, and used to sit in the BBC studio with him while he was broadcasting his shows, after Big L, of course...... I did actually email him, and someone apparently passed it on, but I have not heard anything. I can remember giving him money to get the tube, he was so broke!!

Much of my memorabilia is stored at my parents' home in West London. I will not be back in the UK until mid-2003, when I will dig up some of the old photos I have, and scan them for your site.

Best wishes, Christine Geltner


In May 2003, a mutual friend of Christine and Ian's got in touch. Chris ("it's such a common name") Evans. Chris said:

I have visited your site on a number of occasions - fabulous - it's a climber in my Fab 40 broadcasting favourites! I was trying to find a contact point for Ian Damon, it being a while since I touched base with him. I found the posting from Christine Geltner (nee Jones) and a forgotten memory came back!

I was also with Ian and Janice the day he made his, temporary, return to Australia. I believe I drove him and Janice to Heathrow. I certainly was there. Did Christine and Sue come too? I think they did. I would probably have been driving a Mini Clubman. If there were 5 up, it must have been a bit of a squash. I recall there was a problem closing Ian's suitcase and there was an excess weight charge to pay.

We waited for the plane to take off and from the rooftop viewing point waved our farewells till the vapour trails faded away..... and my memory of all this had faded until seeing Christine's message!

Christine Geltner may be able to fill in more gaps in my memory!

Thanks a Fab 40 Million, CHRIS EVANS

The message has been duly passed on, so we hope another successful knee-mail reunion has now taken place.

Ian in the Radio London studio, "mikeside". No that's not his other name...
Paul Kaye taken aboard the mv Galaxy
Ian with Chuck Blair at the dockside after coming off the tender from Big L

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