Picture Gallery for the weekend of 12th to the 14th August

"That's the secret of wireless – sound like you're having fun!"
Kenny Everett, mv Galaxy, 1960s

"I dragged my old trannie out of the loft, put some batteries in and - lo and behold - I'm listening to Big L on the same radio from the Sixties! The position on the dial is the same - 266 - as it was then!"
Mick Jackson, Clacton, 2000

The weekend of the 12th to the 14th August 2000, was a highlight in Lil's history. Dreams came true for several DJs, all too young to be on board a radio ship in the 60s, but for one who braved the briny in the cause of radio, there was a home-coming after thirty-two years.

On the Saturday, Ian 'Wombat' Damon attracted a crowd as he made his final Big L 2000 appearance and Alan Hardy kept them there after 3.00pm, as he presented the second of his two Big L shows. Sunday saw the appearance of Keith Skues (ex-Caroline and London, of course) with an entourage of Mrs Women and Mr Men in attendance, the show enhanced (or should that be interrupted?) by hilarious newscasts from the irrepressible John Ross-Barnard.

Monday saw Bud Ballou being interviewed on Ray's Coffee Break about why he'd left it so long to come back to Britain, and what he'd been doing in his radio career for all those years. That afternoon, Bud sounded superb as he relived one of the US Top 100 chart shows that he had presented back in January 1968, while aboard Radio Caroline. In a case of 'Follow that, guvnor!', Peter Young (PY, The Pork Pie) did so admirably, bringing a lot of soul and even Garner Ted Armstrong into the proceedings. Is he Kosher?

Try and get this crowd aboard the Yeoman Rose!

Pier Group: Mary Payne, Ray Anderson, Paul "Smiler" Graham and Victor Hartman (aka VH1)
Shifty? What, "Smiler'? Nah!
A nice cup of Big L tea just before you go on air works wonders!
Keeping the crowds happy, Alan Hardy fulfils an ambition. To be on-air and get a suntan!
Di and Hugo sponsored the Keith Skues Extravanganza. Di seems to think that's hilarious!
John Ross-Barnard puts Bud Ballou on the spot in Keith's show, asking him how come he's got such a deeeeep voice...
Never blah – always blur! JRB rushes down the planks to deliver that latest Big L news on the half-hour!
What a dynamic duo! They should be in radio... Together would be great!

All Pictures © Chris Payne 2000

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