– The Radio London montage of reunion photos –

Centre and left, are shots of the garden taken in 1966. The lady in the green dress is Dorothy Mead Vick, wife of Bill and the lady in red is her mother, Mrs Mead. The photo on the right shows that the hydrangea bushes have been replaced and the garden has acquired a palm tree. In the foreground is Chris Edwards of the Offshore Echoes website/magazine.

Who's that coming down the stairs, Chris?

Oh, it's me! And there's Rick with his ladyfriend Joy, followed by Roger Day.

And here come John Ross- Barnard, Phil Martin and Ray Williams.

Ray was the station's publicist and is also known as the man who discovered Elton John.

Bill Vick's son, Edd, Chris Edwards, Steve England and a piece of topiary.

Photos © Chris and Mary Payne and Radio London, 2006, unless otherwise specified
1966 Curzon Street photo kindly supplied by Ron Vick