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Don Allen-DJ (died 1995)
Caroline South 1964-1965
Caroline North 1965-1968
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Sixties description:
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Don Allen, after leaving school, took a course in announcing at Chicago and, on graduation at 18, became an announcer with a Canadian Radio Station. He later became a freelance disc jockey and was heard over the air in the USA and Mexico before coming to England. First broadcasting from the South ship, Don later moved to Radio Caroline North. He is 5 foot 10 inches tall has brown hair and hazel eyes and is married. Hobbies include a genuine love of music of all kinds and his stereo equipment.
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Don was an avid fisherman and continually tried his luck onboard Caroline. The best he ever did was mackrel. But, the a Dutch crewman built a smoker and he and Don kept us in smoked mackrel. Don the Fisherman (42326 bytes)
Don Surrounded by Fans(90515 bytes) The look on Don's face shows how much he enjoyed his fans.
Don on the air on Caroline North Don on the air(59132 bytes)
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