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Mick Luvzit
Caroline North 1966-1967
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Mick Luvzit was born in Portage Le Prarie, Manitoba, Canada on 24th February 1944.   Because he had a rather secluded and strict childhood and upbringing he spent hours writing songs, singing and learning to play the guitar, drums, piano, electric bass and violin.  At 14 years of age He won a violin solo competition in Manitoba and was offered free study in Vienna.  But Mick perferred "rock" music. He gained his first radio show on CKY Winnipeg singing with his own "rock and roll" band only two years later. Mick became a DJ  at CKY went on to CHWO, CHIC, CHUM and then CFGM, top country station in Canada, prior to coming to Britain. His first record released in Britain, a single on the Decca label, was "A Long Time Between Lovers" of which the "b" side "Tho I Still Love You," he wrote himself. Mick, who is 6 foot 1 inch tall and has black hair and brown eyes, joined Radio Caroline in June 1966.


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Mick Luvzit8192 bytes) Mick was popular at "Caroline Nights" in Discos throughout the British Isles.
Mick and Janet Terrett ("Ugly" Ray Terrett's sister) were married by the Captain onboard the M.V. Caroline September 21, 1966.  In keeping with the "60's Fashion" Janet wore a mini-skirt bridal outfit and went barefooted.  Here she has changed to her "going away" pants suit. luvzit2.jpg (5791 bytes)
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