The Search for Big L's Chuck Blair

For some years now, attempts have been made to contact every surviving DJ who ever broadcast on Radio London in the Sixties. (Full list here.) Most have now been located, but one of them proved to be the biggest mystery man of them all: Chuck Blair. How we finally found him and how the mystery surrounding him deepened further, is outlined on our other pages devoted to Chuck. (See links list at the bottom of the page.) All we knethat Chuck Blair was the name he took from thejingle package custom-recorded for WPTR, Albany, New York, as happened with several of the Radio England DJs. The exact identity of the man we knew as Chuck Blair, Big L DJ was finally established in September 2011.

Until January 2000, not one single clue had reached us as to the whereabouts of Chuck, despite numerous Net searches and letters to newspapers. From existing information, we had been led to believe that Chuck's real name was Charles Richardson, and that he was Swedish by birth, but grew up in Swampscott, Massachusetts. A one-time professional footballer, Chuck had enjoyed a distinguished career in Radio and TV in both Canada and America before coming to the UK in 1966. We only knew for certain that he became Programme Controller for Swinging Radio England, then after the station's closure, transferred to Radio London.

None of the DJs that we had managed to contact at that time, who were aboard the Laissez-faire or the Galaxy with Chuck, had been able to supply any leads as to his current whereabouts, although it was rumoured that Chuck, who would by then have been in his sixties, was working in South Africa.

While on board the Galaxy, Chuck was living in Milton Road, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK and his CV places him on the Youth Service Committee of the town's youth club, and a member of Harpenden Conservative Club. His fan club secretary for the Herts area was Trish Perry, but the address on the duplicated letter she sent was Chuck's. Despite his having been so active in the Harpenden community, letters published in local papers in that area failed to elicit a response from anyone who remembered Chuck from those days.

To try and jog a few more memories, I retyped below the information contained in a detailed CV that I received in 1967 from Trish. The scanned document beside it details a newly-formed National Fan Club, where members could "Be a National Honey-Bunny or Rough Rabbit"!

(The most up-to-date information is on our 2011 page.)


BIRTHPLACE: Boras, Sweden. Chuck's family moved to Swampscott, Mass., when he was three years old.
AGE: 31
RELIGION: Methodist
Caucasian, light brown hair, hazel eyes
Weight: 14 stone. Height: 5ft 10ins Build: Stocky. No physical handicaps.

Present address: Harpenden, Hertfordshire, UK.

EDUCATION: Tracy Grammar School (diploma), Lynn Classical High School (diploma), University of Maryland (BSc. degree), Northeast School of Broadcasting (cert.), NY School of Theatrical Arts (cert.), Emerson College of Drama and Broadcasting (post-grad degree).

MEDIA EXPERIENCE: Began broadcasting aged 17, for Armed Forces radio.
Announcer: WKVT, WKIX, WHAV(Mass), WBZ, WMEX.
WSJR, (anncr, PD, Gen. man), CKBC (Canada)
(anncr, Ad man, Prod. man).
CBS Network NY (advertising, production).
WBZ radio and TV (TV compere, anncr, sales and advertising).
Radio England (anncr, Gen. man), Radio London (staff anncr).

Appeared in several off-Broadway productions, including 'Stalag 17', 'The Caine Mutiny' and a self-penned three-act play; was on TV coast-to-coast hosting teen pop show 'Where the Action Is'; awarded '8th best announcer East' by Billboard mag; award by BSA for voluntary youth service work, Johnson & Johnson Advertising Award 1964; Gillette Advertising Award UK 1967.

Plays piano (professionally), bass, vibes and drums. Speaks Swedish, Danish, Norwegian and Italian. Has had several short stories published and has written many articles for British magazines. On the Youth Service Committee of Harpenden Youth Club. Member of Harpenden Conservative Club. Friends have nicknamed him 'Chuckles', because of his consistent smiling and friendliness.

Dogs, bridge and cooking exotic foods.

Beatles, Beach Boys, Four Seasons.

Below is an enlarged section, showing a personal message from Chuck, who was keen to recruit me as Fan Club Sec for the Bucks Honey-Bunny Corps! You will also note that he was planning to join Caroline. This has been confirmed on our Feedback page by George Hare.

Before this page had even been posted on the Radio London website,
we received what we had been waiting for – news of Chuck from his stepson, Carleton!

(The most up-to-date information concerning the family history and the various names that the enigmatic DJ used are on our 2011 page.)

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