Robbie Robinson
'The Admiral' Robbie Dale
1940 – 2021

We are deeply sorry to learn that Caroline's Admiral of the Beat Fleet, Robbie Dale, has departed to join the incredible lineup of DJs in Heaven FM.

We first met Robbie when he attended our London Reunion in 2002 and our paths have crossed many times since. When Chris and I visited Lanzarote in April 2013, Robbie and his wife Stella were kind enough to invite us to visit their lovely home for lunch.

Below is a selection of photos of Robbie taken at various functions since 2002, which we hope will bring happy memories for his many friends and family.

Mary Payne



Left, Robbie and Stella enjoying the 2002 Reunion
(Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

Doggett's Reunion, London 2002. With Caroliners (r to l Johnnie Walker, Mark Sloane and DLT. It was the 35th Anniversary of the MOA and many guests had not met since then. (Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

Reunion, 2002 London with Ronan O'Rahilly (Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

Robbie and Stella with Johnnie Walker and his wife Tiggy (Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

With Roger Twiggy Day (left) and Johnnie Walker at Twiggy's Reunion for
Caroline's 40th Birthday
To Johnnie's right is fellow shipmate Spangles Muldoon

Meeting The Emperor Rosko at the Radio Academy
Celebration of Sixties Offshore Radio, 2007
(From Robbie's personal collection)

With (l to r) Chris Payne, former Caroline shipmate, Bud Ballou and Cousin Moosie, Amsterdam Radio Day, 2014

Robbie was the most appropriate person to deliver a short speech after we commemorated the 3pm closedown of Radio London, during Offshore 50, August 14th, London 2017
(Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

At Offshore 50 with Keith Skues (Photo: Martin Van der Ven)

Mary, Chris and Cousin Moosie visiting Stella and Robbie at their lovely home in Lanzarote, 2013

Tribute by Pauline and Dave Miller

We were  extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Robbie "The Admiral" Dale and our thoughts are with his wife Stella and family, at this horribly difficult time. We had met Robbie, together with Stella, several times over the years, the last being at the Offshore 50 reunion, and what a lovely chap he was, friendly and humorous. At our first meeting with him back in 2002, it was good to be able to thank him in person for "Caroline continues" and for that he will always be remembered by those literally millions of fans who were so grateful for what he and Johnnie Walker did at midnight on 14th August 1967. A brilliant man with a great contribution to radio and we feel privileged to have met him on those happy get-together occasions. Another very sad loss to the world of real radio.

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