A few of our Distinguished Guests

Our Toastmaster, The Admiral Robbie Dale
Jackie and Graham Webb - with Moosie trying to drink their beer
Inge, Richard Swainson, Mitch, Jeanne and Sylvan. Mike Barraclough is in the background
Having a whale of a time – Mary, Cardboard Shoes and Johnnie Walker
Richard Swainson, Sylvan, Tony Blackburn and a pirate galleon
As seen on TV: Guy Hamilton's favourite photo of his slightly younger self wearing his Radio London teeshirt
aboard Oceaan 7 and right, in 2017, modelling his Offshore 50 teeshirt
Alan Hardy,  Emanuela Janczarek (Tattershall Castle Events Manager), Mary Payne, Chris Payne, Jon Myer

This is all we are able to add for the present about the wonderful day that was Offshore 50,
but there is a great deal more material to come, including many more photos,
numerous messages of thanks and pages from our Guestbook, so watch this website!


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Martin van der Ven and Hans Knot's Mega Photo Gallery of 778 photos and 5 videos
also includes some of the events that took place in Harwich, a visit to the Ross Revenge and the Caroline Clacton party.
Graham Webb's mate Allan Quinn posted some pics on Facebook
Tony Prince posted photos on Facebook and he 'Twists Again' on Vimeo
Andy Walmsley of the Random Radio Jottings blog has posted the Sky interview with Tony Blackburn on the Tattershall Castle on Youtube