Mary Payne reports from Vancouver
for Radio London

It was Mick Luvzit from Caroline North who started it all. Mick had enjoyed our 2002 Offshore Reunion so much that when he heard Graham Webb was going to be visiting Vancouver this summer, he decided to organise the first North American event of its kind. Radio London and the Pirate Radio Hall of Fame assisted with tracking down potential guests, while Steve Young and Gord Cruse were recruited to handle the itinerary and Mick's friend Adam came aboard as chauffeur.

The event marked the 40th anniversary of the original Radio Caroline ship Fredericia, sailing north to anchor off Ramsey Bay in the Isle of Man, where she became home to Caroline North.

Wets attending were Gord Cruse, Ben Healy, Mel Howard, John Kerr, Lorne King, Mick Luvzit, Tony Prince, Bryan Vaughan, Graham Webb and Steve Young
Other guests: Mary Payne, Kenny Tosh, Trish Young and Adam

Stations represented: Radio Atlanta, Radio London, Caroline North and South, Radio City, Radio Scotland (and we mustn't forget the non-watery Radio Luxembourg, Kenny Everett's 'Station on the Stairs'!)
Everyone wore the pirate badges shown above!

– This is the Radio London montage of photos of the event –

Page One – photo montage
Page Two – photo montage
Page Three – messages from reunion guests and friends plus more pics
Page Four – portraits of the reunion guests
Page Five – the Sunset Cruise

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