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Alan Stroud's huge collection of offshore clippings and memorabilia
Martin H Samuel's Seventies memories of John Edward and Rosko
Index to Model radio ships
John Pate's models of radio ships
News clippings showing familiar DJs from the offshore stations when they worked in Australian Radio
Selling the Sixties – a collection of merchandise clippings from the decade
'Our Eric' – John Sales visited the memorial statue to EKCO founder Eric Kirkham Cole
Radio Free London photos
Radio Mi Amigo 2015 Photoreport from Harwich
Radio Mi Amigo 2015 Feedback
Radio Essex 50th Anniversary Reunion
Radio Mi Amigo from LV18 in Harwich
Wim Willems's TV and radio listings featuring famed offshore names
Photo album of Amsterdam & the mv Norderney, 2014
Photo album of the Amsterdam Radio Day 2014
Andy Milne remembers Vince 'Rusty Allen' of Radio 270
Photo report from the Fort Worth premiere of the Radio England TV documentary
Six pages in Francis Pullen's newspaper clippings from beyond Summer 1967.
Two-page photo montage from the 2007 Dutch Radio Day
Photo montages from the Radio Academy Celebration of Offshore Radio, August 4th 2007

A collection of news stories from the summer of '67

Mac Peters recalls sucess in a Mecca ballroom and failure on Radio City
Paul Freeman tells of his brief sojourn on Radio Essex
Photo montage from Grey Pierson's Radio England/Britain Radio Reunion, May 2006 (Updated Aug 06)
Photo montage from the 2005 Dutch Radio Day/RNI Reunion
Septembaaaaaaar 19th: International Talk Like A Pirate Day Special Supplement!
Five pages of John Peel press clippings.
Radio Scotland – 242. Interviews, photos, memorabilia and tributes to Jimmy Mac and Tony Allan.
Montréal's Marc 'Mais Oui' Denis took his inspiration to join the radio business from the late Roger Scott
Boss Radio – all about onshore piracy in the Potteries
'Brother Vic' Thomas pays tribute to his old boss, Howie Castle
Guy Hamilton shares photos from his days aboard Radio 270
April 03: Peter Madison explains about a radio experiment of great interest to all Anoraks
Christmas 2002, and Radio London twins with WSNO in South Carolina, USA. What a broadcast!
A musing from America that says it all
Offshore Swops! Exchange recordings and memorabilia here
A list of Internet 'must-click-on' links...
Big changes in US radio that should cause concern in the UK. Howie Castle reports.
Low-Power FM Stations get approval in the US. Howie Castle comments on the FCC's decision...
Charlie Seawolf pontificates on the subject of what makes good radio.
Charlie Seawolf... on Talksport.
The sad passing of PAMS founder, Bill Meeks

Pirate BBC Essex 2007 Photo Album
(plus link to the report and photos from Pirate BBC Essex, April 2004)
Pirate BBC Essex 2009 Photo Album