Radio London and Radio Caroline are often the first stations to come to mind when considering 60s offshore radio, but it should never be forgotten that Radio Scotland was a force to be reckoned with north of the border, in parts of England and throughout most of Ireland

(new July 05) Fi ve-page photo album of the 242 Mini-Reunion, July 2005(Updated Aug 05) Kenny Tosh's photos
(Updated Aug 05) Two-part feature: On the cover of 242 - Studio Six, the band that turned down a Bee Gees song!
(New (Aug 05) Part 2 of On the cover of 242 – Groups on the Glasgow Sixties scene
Pages of photos, memorabilia and chart info from July '67
Page 4 has a programme schedule from 1966!
The History of Radio Scotland
(Updated Aug 05) Healy's Comet (sorry, couldn't resist) – Super S's last Head DJ, Ben Healy, tells his own story
(new tribute added Nov 06) Friends pay tribute to 242 DJ Jimmy Mack, who passed away in July 2004
Tributes to 242 DJ Tony Allan, who passed away in July 2004