Raoul Verolleman writes from Belgium:

"I had the privilege to spend a couple of weeks on the Comet in July 1967, just before the shutdown. I even have a picture of myself at the mixing desk. My cabin mate was Tony Allan, who later worked for RNI, Radio Caroline, the Peace Ship and others."

Raoul very kindly raided his box of groovy memorabilia for us.

(left) Raoul shows off his psychedelic shirt and the state-of-the-art 242 equipment

"They're coming to take me away, ha-ha!"
Who's that lady – and what WAS she on?
We'd love to know!
The 'flipside'. A slightly more sober back cover for the booklet above.

Tony Currie says: "The pic on the right is of Radio Scotland House in Cranworth Street, Glasgow. We went back there with the remaining jocks on 14th August 1997 to take a photo. Radio Scotland House has sunk - literally! The building appears to have collapsed into the ground and there is just a small playground there. Jimmy Mack reckoned if we dug deeply we'd find 242 underneath!"

Bud Ballou says: "I was just looking over the Radio Scotland memorabilia pictures and noticed in the photo above that their London office was Royalty House, Dean Street - where Ronan O'Rahilly had his Mid-Atlantic Films office and where Andy Archer and I were hired for Caroline in 1967."

Raoul: "Here's what Radio Scotland House in Glasgow looked like when I went back there in 1971 on a nostalgia trip. The red Ford Capri is (was!) mine."

Clan Membership form..................and station headed notepaper

Clan Memorabilia. Amazingly, the ballpoint pen still works!

Back and front of the Sound Memorial album sleeve