Radio London's home, the mv Galaxy

Look again! No, incredibly it's NOT the mv Galaxy as we know her, it's a model of the former mine-sweeper, created by John S. Platt, whose lifelike reproduction is accurate down to the rusty rivets! John, who kindly allowed us to feature this lovely picture on the Radio London site, has become an expert on the history of the Galaxy (née Density). (Could that be a minuscule TW we spy on-deck, John?)

John's article has details of how the Galaxy became the heroic lady we all know as Big Lil, but be warned though, this site also contains heartbreaking photos of the Galaxy after her demise – surely one of the saddest sights ever, for any Big L fan.

Clearly a multi-talented individual, John was a DJ on the RNI RSL in August '99. In 2000, when problems arose with access to the Mebo III, John, who found himself the only person experienced on the water, became boatman, cook, engineer AND DJ – whilst simultaneously constructing his latest model (of the Mi Amigo) with his left foot!

Apparently, it was all worthwhile, as John managed to make contact with several people who were able to supply all the information he needed to finish the Mi Amigo model. One DJ who was very pleased to help being Martin Fisher.

Other pictures of John's models can be seen at while his fascinating photographic record of the Density's construction and launch can be enjoyed on Dr Martin van der Ven's web site: The site also features John's photo report of his RNI 2000 experiences.

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Many thanks to John for sharing the photo of his fantastic model Galaxy. View other offshore radio ship models via the Model Ships Index Page

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