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Mike Ahern - DJ
Caroline North 1965-1966
Caroline South 1966-1967



Mike is 5 foot 10 inches tall, has fair hair and blue eyes.  He was born in Liverpool on 30th September 1942,  He attended at St. Bedes Secondary Modern School until he was 15. His first job was in a menswear store where, after three months, he had a serious mishap with an expensive suit and left.   He worked as a clerk, barman and factory hand followed before he decided to go to France. He spent there two years as a grapepicker and learned to speak French, Greek, Spanish, German and Italian.

Returning   to Liverpool, he and a friend opened a club called"The Teen-Beat Club". They  had a moderate success until the local council declared the floor unsafe.    At 22 he was  working in Lytham St. Annes as an engineer. Like most of young Britons he was listening to Radio Caroline North after it moved north.    Mike felt that he could do better than some of the DJs he heard.  He wrote to Radio Caroline to say he would like to become a DJ. 

He received a reply which, in effect, said "so do 40,000 others'' and it suggested the old adage, "don't call us we will call you". Mike, never being one to doubt himself,  called Caroline House to point out that he was not one of the 40,000, he was different, he was good.   They offered him a chance to prove it with an audtion.  Mike borrowed 5 from his mother and headed for London for an audition at Caroline House.  Returning home, not quite as  sure of himself as before, he tried to dismiss the idea. Four days later he received a call from Caroline House.   They wanted to talk with him again and paid for a trip back to London.    A week later he was aboard Radio Caroline North. The Mike Ahern Show was launched and Mike was soon to get a fan mail of more than 1,000 letters a week

Mike was on the north ship till 1966 when he transferred to the South ship along with Tom Lodge in an effort to "spruce up" the sound so it sounded more like Caroline North.

Following the MOA Mike left Caroline and went to Brisbane, Australia where he was on the air for ten years before returning to England.  Today Mike holds down the morning slot in Cambridge.

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Mike overlooks the control board on Caroline North ahern2.jpg (10378 bytes)
Mike seems a bit concerned that he'll be left aboard as he shouts to the Captain of the tender. ahern4.jpg (9867 bytes)
ahern3.jpg (45176 bytes) Mike transfered to the south ship in 1966.  He's in the record library for a publicity shot with a copy of one of "The Dubliners" Lps.
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