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Jerry Leighton
Caroline North 1964-1967

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Born in London, Jerry Leighton, was taken, as a child, to Canada where he completed his education by graduating from the University of British Columbia. Returning to Britain he took a variety of jobs including fashion designer, compere, singer, comedian, and scriptwriter. He began broadcasting on Radio Caroline off the East Coast of Britain in June 1964 and, with the merger of Caroline and Atlanta, he sailed North to the Isle of Man. Jerry became chief Disc Jockey and held down the morning show where he brightened his audience's mornings as "Soopa" Leighton.


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This early publicity shot of Jerry reflects the staid image of the early DJs on "Caroline" jleight.jpg (12626 bytes)
Jerry soon came into his own when he abandoned the  style of the early days when he became "Jerry Soopa" Leighton with the "Yawwwwnnn!" Patrol.

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