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Tom Lodge - DJ
Caroline North 1964-1966
Caroline South 1966-1967

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Tom Lodge was born in Liverpool but was taken to the United States  when he was four. After completing his education, he and  an American Indian set out on two year expedition into the frozen  of the Arctic where his life was saved by a timber wolf, whom he named Mohair Sam.   Upon returning to North America he took a job as a cowboy on a ranch in Alberta, Canada where he wrote his book ''Beyond the Great Slave Lake".  Tom then became a DJ with the Canadian Broadcasting Company for whom he came to Britain as a freelance broadcaster. He joined MV Caroline in 1964 just before she sailed North and stayed with her off the Isle of Man.   At the end of 1965 Tom transferred to Radio Caroline South as chief  DJ in an effort to change  the south ship's sound to more or less the up tempo  carefree sound of the North ship.   Broadcasting was definitely in Tom's blood....his  grandfather was Sir Oliver Lodge who played a considerable part in the development of wireless telegraphy.


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Tom with remains of "Mohair Sam". lodge1.jpg (4347 bytes)
Tom Lodge Signal Radio (8916 bytes) Tom on the air at Signal Radio, Stoke on Trent
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