Baby Bob Stewart
Bob Stewart - DJ
Caroline North 1965-1967
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Even though from Liverpool his golden voice and mid-atlantic accent made him extremely popular with the ladies.
Bob attended school in Liverpool  until he was 16 and then took a job as a salesman. He went to Canada and made his first public appearance as a compere in Manitoba.    Bob is 6 foot tall and has black hair and blue eyes. His hobbies include swimming, bowling and driving.   Bob joined  Radio Caroline North in 1965.


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Bob does the Caroline Two Step as he transfers from  the ship onto the tender for another week off. Bob Transfers from Tender(103533 bytes)
stewart2.jpg (11161 bytes) The Dutch crewmember behind him IS piloting the "dinghy". But, Bob's look of concentration makes one think he's the "dinghy" captain.
Bob was never known to be an early morning person.  And that was never more obvious than when he set in on the "Morning Show" when Jerry Leighton was off for a week. Bob Early Morning Show(60314 bytes)
Bob Stewart Today Bob lives just outside of Dallas, Texas with his wife Cynthia and their son.
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