Feedback and additional photos from a wonderful week of offshore fun!

Read Mary Payne's full report here

Ron Prosser very kindly sent these photos which he took of the final night on-board shenanigans involving Cardboard Shoes and that loose (or more accurately, 'disintegrating') woman, Daphne!

"It was the information from the Radio London website and its Fab Forties that helped me put together such a memorable playlist for Pirate BBC Essex. And I should like to thank Mary and Chris Payne for providing some of the songs which were enjoyed by millions of listeners."

Tim Gillett, Programmes Editor, BBC Essex

From: Pirate Clark:

Just like to say how good the pirate report is, and for that matter, the whole site.

Really enjoyed reading about the escapades of those pirates all that time ago – wow it's three weeks already!

Nice to have met you, and glad that you enjoyed the week. I'm sure we'll catch up again in the future

Ray Clark

From: Pirate Edwards:

Hi Mary and Chris,
So I've found you at last! I searched and searched..and there you were before my very eyes! Anyway the main thing is I have found you. I'm into week four of having this computer and just on the edge of a whole new world, right?

Sorry we couldn't chat, down at Harwich. I'd been driven all the way from here in Lincolnshire to Essex, which took four hours, then went onto the LV18. Did the show, got back on land, and then my driver was eager to get me home. A 'long' day, but so pleased I went. Who says history doesn't repeat itself, eh?

Lots of emotions for me personally at the party on March 28th in London, then the BBC Essex week, which I thought was fabulous. So much water has gone under the bridge. I nearly died through the demon drink, as you probably know, but I'm into my 11th year of sobriety of which I'm proud - but never complacent, ever.

I'm also so pleased Johnnie Walker is back where he belongs, in front of that microphone. We have developed a deep friendship these days, for obvious reasons. Facing death is not nice. Little did we realise as young men all those years ago, what fate had in store. Thank God we didn't know.

I live a quiet life in a tiny village and only work now when asked to. My bonus is I'm alive and I have those memories.

Take care you two. Lotsa love, Tom


From: Mark Keable, Pirate Alley:

Many thanks for adding an item in 'Happenings' about my campaign to get Pirate Essex full time. Who knows, maybe the BBC will realise how popular it was and that there is a need for that kind of broadcasting, not necessarily on a boat but the programming style?

From: Trevor Bailey in Nottingham:

Just a belated note about the Easter broadcast. I would have loved to have been in Harwich, but unfortunately work commitments meant that I was unable to get away.

It was fascinating to read your account of the event, but more importantly, from the viewpoint of somebody unable to attend, was how you managed to convey something of what it was like to be there. I could almost taste the sea air and the atmosphere of the week.

Thanks, Trevor

From John Consterdine:

Hi Mary,
Just listening to you, Dave Cash and Pete Brady on Pirate Radio Essex AGAIN – while I'm doing the ironing! I must agree that Radio Essex somehow brought the magic back to Radio for one week. It's obvious to see why it's so much better than the average local commercial radio output, but why haven't we seen Big L recreated on land (as Kenny Everett predicted in his closing messages on the last hour on Big L)?

Love visiting your web site - I was a teenager in the sixties and Big L had a big place in my life - still does really!

Best regards John Consterdine

(We suppose 'Big L on land' was what the Beeb was trying to create with Radio One in 1967, seeing as nearly all their new recruits were from Radio London!)

From Mike Leonard, author of The Beat Fleet:

Great website! I really enjoyed reading the pages about the Pirate BBC Essex week.

I was in Harwich over the Easter weekend – at The Pier Hotel and the Ha'penny Pier exhibition. How did we miss each other? Keep up the great work.

Regards Mike Leonard

Pictures of pirate DJs attempting to look swashbuckling at Easter!
The following weekend sees shades of August '67 all over again!

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