When Radio London first heard about the proposed Pirate BBC Essex, we had our doubts about whether it could possibly work, as indeed, did many others. Well before April arrived, we pointed out that the word 'Pirate' combined with 'BBC' is the ultimate oxymoron!

In 1967, Auntie Beeb failed to recapture the spirit of offshore radio when she launched Radio One. Now many years older and (hopefully) wiser, could she possibly recreate that dearly-loved sound by broadcasting from a ship in Harwich?
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"It was the information from the Radio London website and its Fab Forties that helped me put together such a memorable playlist for Pirate BBC Essex. And I should like to thank Mary and Chris Payne for providing some of the songs which were enjoyed by millions of listeners."

Tim Gillett, Programmes Editor, BBC Essex

Pictures of pirate DJs attempting to look swashbuckling at Easter!
The following weekend sees shades of August '67 all over again!
Feedback from the BBC and you!
See what we all got up to in 2007!
The ship came in at Easter 2009!

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