On the Cover of 242 – part two

Additional Studio Six Info

The Studio Six line-up was Colin McClure (vocals) his brother Clive (rhythm guitar), Neil Grimshaw (lead), Gerry Tedeschi (bass), Ricky Kerr (organ) and Ron Milne (drums). The McClures' father, Carl, managed the band.

The band's striking shirts (see photos) were designed by Neil (lead), who studied at Glasgow College of Art. The style was 'Op Art' - very popular in the '60s, particularly in London and heavily influenced by Andy Warhol. It was a style that was used a lot in the fashion industry (Mary Quant etc).

Studio Six recorded four singles for Polydor Records, three of which made the Big L Fab 40. The forth was released after the Radio London close-down in August.

1966 When I See My Baby - Polydor 56131 (reached #30, 11th December 1966)
1967 Bless my Soul (I've Been and Gone and Done It) – Polydor 56162 (in the Fab 40 from April 16th to 30th 1967 – reached #30)
1967 Times Were When – Polydor 56189 (released July '67, peaked at #32, 23rd July 1967, two weeks before the final Fab 40)
1967 Strawberry Window – Polydor 56219 (released later in 1967, after Big L's closedown. Clive says it was on 'Juke Box Jury' but was voted a 'BEEP!', or MISS)

According to the Record Collector Rare Record Price Guide, Polydor reissued 'Bless My Soul' in 1969 (Polydor 56361). All are now highly-collectible singles.

About the other top Glasgow bands

Another name appearing on the 242 Christmas cover with Studio Six, is that of Chris McClure. Chris – Clive and Colin's cousin – had his own band, the Chris McClure Section and released several singles. A solo effort, 'The Dying Swan' (Decca F12346) – music by Tchaikowsky, arranged by Jonathan King – was a 1966 Dave Dennis fave, which never made the Fab 40. From personal recollection, we know it was aired often on Radio London, and it may well have been a climber, but no evidence has been found to support this.

Our 'Glasgow correspondent' from Radio Six International, Tony Currie, writes:

"Clewsy is now a cowboy somewhere in the States, with a real cowboy hat and all. (Info courtesy of Maggie from Cado Belle) Chris McClure changed his name to Christian and was one of the vocalists for the Tony Hatch Show that I produced in 2004."

Clive says:

"I knew Chris was still singing and called Christian, because his brother Norman and I talk from time to time. I thought the poster (left) might give you a chuckle. It's from a Scottish paper, advertising a show from 2002, at the Glasgow Pavilion, starring Chris."

Another of the top Glasgow bands listed by Clive, the Beatstalkers, appeared twice in the Fab 40. But there's no sign of either Clewsy and the Pathfinders or Chris McClure.

Virtually no information is available about Radio Scotland's Super Fifty, and it would be very interesting to hear from anyone who kept notes and can tell us how Chris and the 'Big Three' bands fared in that chart.

Tony Currie tells us, "John Cavanagh did a live special on Radio Six International recently with another mega Glasgow group, The Beatstalkers, whose collected recordings have been issued on a limited-edition CD." (July 2005)

The Beatstalkers (Dave Lennox, Alan Mair, Ronnie Smith, Eddie Campbell and Jeff Allan) appeared twice in the Fab 40 – 7/11/65 ('Eve'ybody's Talking 'Bout My Baby') and 7/05/67 as a climber ('My One Chance to Make It'). These and all their other singles (A and B-sides) are on this compilation. Of the sixteen tracks, three were written by David Bowie, who is also on backing vocals. Included is "a staggering 24 page booklet full of their sensational newspaper headlines and a wealth of great photographs." Says the blurb, "If it's groovy sounds you're after from the original era that gave us beat, mod, soul and psychedelic styles, then this CD is a must."

Band member Alan Mair is still in the music business and has his own website. where you can purchase the CD. A band reunion was planned for December 23rd 2005, at the Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow.

The Pathfinders are also on CD. Nigel Lees, who wrote the acclaimed Record Collector A-Z of Psychedelia writes:

I have now my own record label, Top Sounds, and have just released Alphabeat, a various artists 60s compilation on vinyl and CD, including 2 unreleased Pathfinders tracks,with the blessing of Fraser Watson.

The tracks in question are 'Pumpkin Lantern' and 'To Love Somebody'. Interesting that Studio Six turned down a Gibb Brothers song, but the Pathfinders did not, but Nigel's excellent liner notes reveal that the band was not keen. It was Tommy Scott of Major Minor records who persuaded the Pathfinders to record the song.

Click left for info on the Alphabeat CD from the Marmalade Skies website.

One of the confirmed dates for Studio Six appearing at the Marquee with Marmalade, is July 6th, 1967. Marmalade found their major success after Radio London closed down, but two of their early singles were Fab 40 climbers, on 4/09/66 (It's All Leading Up To a Saturday Night) and 9/04/67. (Can't Stop Now). Both are on the 3-CD box set, Marmalade: The Ultimate Collection.

There is a wonderful tale on a website called 'Our Glasgow Story' written by 'Wee Bertie Toms', in which he recalls both Radio Scotland and the musical scene inhabited by the bands in Clive's feature. The author was in an outfit called The Nobles and he cites their musical objectives as "to have lots of fun and get some crackin' birds." That pretty much sums up the main aim of every guy who ever joined a band!

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